* How to make of diapers and a change of clothes pouch *

Pattern, please refer to here.

☆ Shall be prepared ☆

Even if the patchwork dress material (A), to your liking
Four lining (B), each pocket
Adhesion coretype of firm or hard
Rubber or wax cord 40 ~ 45cm
Button (the size is good, but you like the person, slightly larger is the easy-to-use)

Hook or snap button (if you like)

I cut the dough first.
Should I use a thicker cloth firm is good.
(I do I determined the thickness of the adhesive core by the thinness of the cloth)

The seam allowance 3cm only pocket mouth of each pocket, 1cm all others.
I'm taking a big seam allowance this time because the sample.

The decoration of dress material (A).
You can patchwork, or sewn motifs and the like and race.
Please do design of your choice.

You can dispose of in a zigzag sewing machine or lock sewing machine seam allowance in the case of patchwork,
I keep divided into two with an iron.

I put an adhesive core in order to strong strong fabric of each pocket.
(Not required for thicker cloth enough)

In a three-fold with an iron the pocket mouth of each pocket, stitch.

If you want to decorate a pocket part, it should be at this time.
If you like etc. ... give them race to pocket mouth.

(See the line in the figure below one blue) to match the back pocket and front pocket
I keep a little bit at a time in the sewing line dress pin.

If you put it together bear carefully in dress pin, and discipline so as not to shift position.
The (part of the discipline keep the place outside of the (seam allowance side) of sewing line)

I sew the center line of the front pocket of one.
(See the line in the figure below 1 red)

Please choose to your liking, such as the number of pocket.

Figure 1

I should put a bonded core at this time if the cloth lining (B) is thin.

The state became one with sewn back pocket and front pocket by ④.
I sew as well as its pocket, the lining (B).

It is a part of the black line in the figure below is discipline. In black for clarity.
Really you are good to discipline hand-sewn, but it is OK even if I trained to sew suddenly the outside than in the sewing line sewing machine.

How to make is up to here.
Following is here.

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