* How to make smartphone and carrying case *

This is how to make the case of smart phones and mobile phones.
Free pattern is here.

I prepare cloth combination of your favorite table bag. (Width 12cm height 32cm seam allowance 1cm)
Cloth bags for the back also available in the same size.

I put the adhesive coretable cloth bag, cloth bag in the back.

Adhesive core (thin, thick-metacarpal)
I am using the thick type.

By three-fold the seam allowance on both sides of the mouth cloth (width 12cm height 3.5cm seam allowance 1 ~ 1.5cm)
I put a stitch.

Sew both sides in the folio in Nakaomote the table cloth bag.

I sew a gusset 2cm.

Sew both sides in the folio to Nakaomote as well back cloth bag.
※ In the case of back cloth bag, please apply to leave the port of return much 5cm.

I sew the town 2cm as well.

In a two fold out table cloth mouth, and fasten with a dress pin combined cloth mouth-to-mouth side of the table cloth bag of ③.
(If you're not good to keep in the basting with basting yarn)

⑥In a Nakaomote tables and cloth bag of ⑤, the back of the cloth bag ④, stitching the mouth side.

Is returned to the table from the return port of the back cloth bag, sew festival returns the opening.

Spring and cap (with Kang) 10cm type, providing a round pliers,
Through the spring capto mouth cloth, I round the tip of a round pliers can plug in the cans provided.


When you have finished writing a leather handle 23cm, it is completion.


Since the spring opening type, and out is easy.
Because it is a simple recipe, please try to refer to it when it is good.

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