* How to make the pass case-ticket holder *

Free pattern is here.

(A · B surface for surface), two A-side pocket two base fabric (for dress material, lining)
The cut (dress material, lining for) two B-side pocket.

I put the adhesive on all core fabric was cut.

Adhesive core (thin, thick-metacarpal)

I am using the thick type.


B side pocket and the A-side pocket, so stitching outer and lining
Set aside from adding 1cm seam allowance only mouth portion of the stitching.

Other parts, I am cut off street pattern.

Window making of A-side pocket.

Use the Botan'nomi, cut the seam allowance part of 1cm.
(Please cut refer to a photograph of the top )


It is a tool to use to make a hole and when the button hole.

Keep folded using the iron as shown in the photo, the seam allowance part.

③Stitcher to Nakaomote the outer fabric and lining of the A side pocket which I made with ②.

Pocket making the B-side.
(The. That it should be at this time if you want to decorate and race)

I seam to Nakaomote the outer fabric and lining of the B-side pocket.
Fold in the table as shown in the photo, it should be ironed.

Between two pieces of base fabric (A · B surface for surface), or cardboard carton,

Across the core of the bag, it is attached with double-sided tape.

In step (after, since sewing bias tape,
Please do not put to end the double-sided tape)

Cartonnage cardboard

Core hats, bags

Following is here.

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