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It is a continuation of how to make the bamboo bag.
Free pattern is here.
How to make is here.

And from dividing properly with an iron the seam allowance table cloth, the cloth in which it was made ​​of the previous
I piled outside table in the fabric and table cloth.

Align it is folded properly to the part of sewing blind.
And from bear in dress pin so that they will not shift,
I sew the place of 2 ~ 3mm photo below as (Aka-sen part).
I please apply in the same way the other side.

Align the sewing line of bag opening side of the inner fabric and table cloth that is superimposed on the outer table,
I keep stitching in basting yarn. (Please refer to one of the photo below)

Then, in order to make gathering, with a rough seam to seam allowance
I place a sewing machine two.

[How to approach the gathering]
- By increasing the length of the seam of the sewing machine, you can weaken the thread adjustment of the upper thread of the sewing machine.
- So as not to fall out the thread, the thread of the top and bottom of the sewing machine sewing start
Please, started sewing (about 7cm) and from out longer.
· Also, please leave a thread longer be the end sewing.
• The sewing from two in the seam allowance, and pull only the bobbin thread,
Gathers comes near.

※ Because align the body and bag opening cloth ⑨,
At this time, by aligning the center of the mouth fabric, the center of the body, both ends
You can those who gathered to pull the bobbin thread make gathering evenly.bamboo

⑨In conjunction with the opening Nakaomote bag and cloth that had been made ​​in ②, a body put gather in ⑧,
It stopped with a dress pin, and sew.

As shown below, it has reached a point where only one side of the mouth cloth is attached to the bag body.
Ironing keep off the seam allowance of the person who does not stick. (See photo below)

Across the mouth cloth handle, and stopped with a dress pin to the body as the photo below,
With a slip stitch, the body you can use the - the bamboo handle.
At this time, please enshrined neatly (to near the handle) both ends of the mouth cloth.
It is the completion of the dip has both.


It's using this time is the handle of the type of this place.

Bamboo Handle

I can make even a handle shaped like this elsewhere.

Bamboo Handle

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