How to make
a drawstring bag

Drawstring bag in the form of your choice.
Yes town, no. Square form, and so on round shape ...

I sew to Nakaomote the Outer drawstring bag.
As in the upper left photo, I keep open without sewn string through oral region at that time.

Many centimeters of string through oral region even at from above.
Please, the location of your choice. By the way, I have to 1cm mouth open in a part of 3cm from the top this.
Please change the string by the width of the mouth also opens through.

I sew in Nakaomote also in the fabric. In the fabric may not open the string through hole.

Sew the mouth of the drawstring bag to match the external surface of the outer material drawstring bag, an inner cloth. (Referring to the right photo above)

I sew the part through the string as shown in the picture above.

And at the 3cm, I am sewing at 4cm from the top from the top in this case.

I pass a string from the string through hole.

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