The process is not satisfied with the engraving and milling, and the emergence of lost wax casting process. diver Metal era has arrived! And even 3D printing cards back!

Do you think this will end? Look at this, seems to be a Light Titans wooden card back, after opening,Not after reading literacy flash cards actually is a cigarette lighter.

Crazy Hand Dili have been Guards, sister were also not to be outdone, look at the loving creation, the phone shell Goblin technology.

Oracle Cards resolve child-liter small amount literacy problems

In - join Oracle "real picture of modern Chinese characters," the enlightenment process, seems to have not Destructive Enthusiasm, simply pull the seedlings to help fly. Chinese character is widely recognized as difficult to learn the words to the children already barely read, Literacy card can develop imagination and then to identify the oracle inscriptions, is it worse?

Character greatly exceeds the amount of information carried by foreigners alphabetic writing. Character is not just a symbol, but also a picture. Information conveyed a picture,Literacy card you must bring confidence  a thousand words is often difficult to express.

From learning the law, we learn to recognize Chinese characters program has been reversed. We are the first rote symbolic meaning of Chinese characters, will it be possible to understand her natural attributes. I remember as a child learning to read, learning only a few characters are a little contact with the physical, the difficulty of this study to increase a lot Find the method the baby to see literacy learning cards.

Talking about this, Oracle Cards can let the children through Oracle Inscriptions can set up a bridge between the physical seat godsend picture and Chinese character. Facing physical picture, children imitate graffiti may even have similar inscriptions with Oracle.

Literacy program is not only in people's understanding of the law, so that the literacy process fun, more important is to cultivate Chinese characters in juvenile 童纯洁 young mind beauty, natural harmony. Learn a foundation can be extended 3-5 word commonly used Chinese characters, solve the literacy of young or small quantity issue.

Children in the end that should not use the card as early literacy

Sooner or later a child to read, but that between "early" one "night", but give birth to many different. Some children will therefore learned a lot, and some children are therefore nothing. This should not have children early literacy? Early literacy in the end, OK?Baby to see literacy learning card method  Let us take a look at six early literacy of children and they bring three interesting contrast.

Whether able to read early early literacy?

Literacy sooner, the sooner interest in reading