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New research suggests that playing cards may help maintain mental health.
By the San Francisco Chronicle published two  Card games educational advantages  十三 二年 十二月 beautiful article (SFGATE.com) pointed out, "This project is a natural healthy choices encourages playing cards and board games, as these can be carried out according to a new the study actually contribute to a healthy brain Rush University Medical Center Poker - Smart Entertainment and the Illinois Institute of Technology study results, the annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America introduced the November 25, 2012Benefits board games the proposed card and board games can help fight brain aging. "

As a child, I would often play poker - games such as "deflection" and "heart." Glad to know that this could be beneficial to health. If yes, then this is a little tidbit worth mentioning The benefits of playing card game The benefits of playing card game.

Research¹ also showed memory and prayer and meditation to improve health and positive changes to the brain,Play board games Benefits including the brain region self-awareness, empathy, and stress-related.

I used to pray as my primary method of maintaining mental health. So did my grandmother, who was quite sharp mind until her passing in recruit 101 years.