The game will be about 200 different cards,The spirit of card games in competition each card is orchestrated by the developer, and each figure endowed with unique exquisite designs;Horror card game has landed on global dual-platform official will continue to increase in the future more interesting card capacity.

Card area is divided into five elements and five types, different elements of the card will specialize in different fields.Homemade Monopoly card For example, the natural properties of the card has a strong culture of biological capability, specializes in fast-break flame properties card,To dream and worked hard card tricks use a lot of magic card directly devastated opponents. In addition, the card also has a variety of attributes Oh!

The right combination of cards can often play a greater benefit than the original!Senior citizens card game activities The wrong combination of cards will also cause your frequent retreat. How to set out a deck to defeat the enemy, to you to decide!