the author in the knife Bo understands on the meeting, China's production of ceramic knife enterprises because of their craft and technology, display products in terms of price also has very big difference, some as low as 60, some up to hundreds of, of course, scrap rate different but also affect the price factor.

Second: ceramic tool to lower prices, production quality products. Shenzhen City this year for the first time in the knife Fair, the exhibition 's main product is ceramic knife series. When it comes to ceramic knife price issue, deputy general manager of the company to Yi thinks, ceramic knife manufacture cost than it did to steel high, but not as far as the ten times higher.

" Yi thinks, want to let more domestic common people approbate, accept ceramic knife, ceramic knife must change now " aristocrat knife " identity, production of different grades of products, let common people can afford to buy Ceramic knife. If we speak of ceramic knife, the mind can only " expensive" and " not for you " this kind of concept, it is very difficult to open domestic market.

Third, the domestic export at the same time. Shenzhen Jin Zhao company began last year to change management train of thought, from the former only export business to export balance, the company expand domestic sales is an important measure to reduce the price of ceramic knife.