It is understood that in the United States and Europe, more and more companies are stocked with special "nap room" some arranged in the oceans and the atmosphere of the forest, some one capsule a. Every woman likes the pillow. Life boyfriend is not surprising that there is no pillow that simply can not live without. Imagine, sitting decorative pillow alone on the couch, no man around, no pillow, you also see the next TV What?
Lying on the desk the morning of sleep in addition to our eyes, a lot of people will wake up feeling dizzy, this is why?
This is because after lunch, more blood into the gastrointestinal, if sleeps lying on the table, can easily lead to insufficient blood supply to the lumbar pillow brain, it is easy to produce symptoms such as dizziness, fatigue, petrified. To wear inflatable neck pillow, back to sleep sitting more health experts recommend the best nap when lying in bed or on the sofa, it is not, you can prepare a travel with the inflatable neck pillow. This pull ring inflatable neck pillow, inflatable, very convenient to use. Each nap, put the inflatable neck pillow out the charge on the gas, and then looped around my neck, then find a chair and sit back above can comfortably enjoy a nap while cervical is natural with lying down to sleep, relaxed state. If you can not buy inflatable neck pillow, must lie on the desk the morning of sleep, the foam pillow best forehead looked on the arm without pressing arm allows the eye, so as not to put pressure on the eye, affect eye health. Lying on the desk the morning of sleep time is not too long, the longest no more than half an hour. Nap best to put on clothes to prevent colds. Do not stand up immediately after waking up, slowly stand, walk around a few laps later, and then start to work.