Clinical pediatrician, children alopecia areata, and bone mineral density imbalance also.
To explore this question, the medical experts on adult patients with alopecia areata and child patients with alopecia areata respectively short hair wigs Determination of bone mineral density, serum zinc, calcium and iron, as well as the study of the habits.
The study found that the highest rate of osteoporosis the child group punctate alopecia (74.29%), patchy alopecia, followed by 46.88% and 57.75% of the total rate of osteoporosis in the adult group was significantly higher than 13.04 % (P <0.001). 38.2% of children group of patients with alopecia areata blood trace elements zinc, iron and calcium below the normal range, while 20.7 per cent of the adult group of patients with alopecia Synthetic Wigs areata.
The study also found that bad habits may also be the main reason for alopecia areata children calcium deficiency. Child group eat snacks (82%), and picky eaters (59%) habits with the adult group, the difference was significant (P <0.001, P <0.01).
And children alopecia areata What is the treatment?
Found children of alopecia areata causes and imbalance in the relationship between bone mineral density, has an important significance of the treatment high quality wigs of children alopecia areata.
Clinical cause of alopecia areata for children, mainly to take the means for pediatric patients appropriate supplemental zinc, calcium, and correct the bad habits.