I think that the Western oil painting, Chinese and Western economic and cultural exchanges with the East-West geography of barrier to break, and was introduced to China. Broadly speaking, the Ming Dynasty, the Western oil painting was introduced to China early oil paintings with religious overtones; painting was introduced to China in the Chinese Oil paintings 18th century to the 19th century tend pluralism, with distinct political and economic characteristics.
Missionaries Ming Western oil painting was introduced to China
The end of the 15th century Western explorers cross the ocean across the sea, by sea, close to the Far East and its myth of wealth, leading to the opening of the East-West sea routes and the discovery of world geography. Since then, the East-West cultural and art exchanges through these sea increasingly close blend. Some Western explorers same adventurous spirit of the Jesuit missionaries active part in the expansion of activities of the Catholic expedition to the East, their missionary process, intentionally or unintentionally, oil painting supplies Western science and culture was introduced into China, Western oil painting is missionary with the missionaries of culture activity. Introduced to China.
Western painting missionaries to spread in China to make contributions to the significance Ruggieri, Ricci and Giovanni. Ruggieri's contribution to the Western painting brought into the mainland of China; Ricci's historical significance and opens up an effective way of painting was introduced to China; Giovanni although not into frames for oil paintings the mainland of China, but he painting in Macau, creative activities, and he Macau culture painting disciples, and his disciples in-depth art activities in Mainland China, generated far-reaching historical impact on the development of the Ming Dynasty painting is immeasurable.