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時には、つたない英文でw 基本なんでも有りの雑記ブログです。 (foundations -- it is also -- it is an existing miscellaneous-notes blog. )

foundations -- it is also -- it is an existing miscellaneous-notes blog.

Ed and Royce Lower House diplomatic chairperson.

Good evening.

It'll be Japan time and 11:00pm March 9.

She thinks each time, but when she has Korea system American in a support mother's body and does election, why doesn't Mami of history who had that look real any more?

Even though Korea system American occupies it fairly by an electoral power base in a constituency, when only a remark of the hand makes sure that it'll be well, it would be opened.

I want you to remember former assemblyman's microphone Honda councilor.
Japan had been diminished as a spokesman of Korea system American and Korea system Chinese, but because there was a person who also knows history in the American people, didn't you lose out?

It's the obvious truth that there is no such fact historically, so anyway the United States tells the matter done in the past easily.

I'm a councilor in every country, but there is a silly person.
That's understood, I'm too too excited, Ed and Royce Lower House diplomatic chairperson.


We assumed clearly that Ed Royce (Kyowa and California) couldn't deny and approve history about the try a rice Lower House diplomatic chairperson tries to remove the "peaceful image of a girl" by which 7 days (local time) and Japanese Government are in State of California Glenn Dale city from which. 

He issued statement of such contents and also informed the peaceful image of a girl removal opposing assembly opened at a park in Glenn Dale city on the same day according to Chairperson Royce's formal home page.

Chairperson Royce is statement, "They were collected here, we know a large number of ladies to have been taken to the Japanese military and have received pain in the Asia Pacific in the Second World War.", it was defined as "insult to the prestige of the mankind (comfort woman of the Japanese military) was led by wartime and Japanese state-like, and who did Korea, China and a Philippine lady to hundreds of thousands of people". 

"It's the problem that it's most important to be a rice Lower House diplomatic chairperson, speak for a victim of violation of human rights as an American citizen and embody the justice, and obligation." and, I accentuate and I continue, and I "am fighting together" as (insistence of image of a girl removal of Japanese Government) isn't accepted, and a victim can be admitted and find the justice, and, it was added. 

Chairperson Royce is American Congress in 2007 (by Japanese Government), and typical "pro-Han party" in the American Congress which took the lead in the passage of "comfort woman resolution" (House Resolution 121) which has to admit about a comfort woman and apologize is a councilor. 

Do you know that origins of colonial rule were Europe and America?
Was it forgot that it was U.S. forces that a Korean comfort woman was being used for the time of Korean War?
A Native American slaughters the American Continent, and how is the explanation of the history you have robbed of a country done?
How are an apology to a slave black people and a Native American and compensation done?
When the Philippines which was a Spanish colony was opened, was it also forgot that I deceive and have robbed by the Spanish-American War?
Which country deviated from a war way as a private citizen slaughter by atomic bombing?

"The geopolitics which is a war when China and U.S. also do and fight,"

Stellar, about several, the person who arrived is lucky here in the personal blog which exists.

The latest book economist Peter and Mr. NAVARO who enter the center of Aramasa right of cards wrote, a book is a topic.
"The geopolitics which is a war when China and U.S. also do and fight," I also used it for the title of the blog.

A Chinese military threat is taken up and how to act at Asia in USA is taught.
Even if I say the one of Aramasa right of cards vs. the note I compensate for the Chinese look and the Asian look, it isn't exaggerated.
It's to the extent it's said to be a must-read book of Abe political power center department and the defense ministry official today.


The idea by which the president of the United States of cards moved by during an election period and insistence of a book of a presidential election in 2016 is a boy friend, it came in handy.
It was tied with a presidential election victory of Mr. cards finally that I got laborer's sympathy in the area called the last belt, but it's also a way of thinking of this Mr. NAVARO that it was a theoretical prop of a campaign speech in the area.

To Chairperson state commerce meeting by which Mr. NAVARO is the White House after election of a president of cards, big, it'll be chosen that I keep having President cards with a theoretical prop and is also presumed mostly from now on.
An England "Economist" magazine is the reason which makes Mr. author NAVARO the most influential economist.

An author calls a possibility to the United States's going to war against China more than 70 % while referring to the statistics of the world history. 

It's uneasy about the financial power from which a tank, a fighter and a warship can be produced and the current state much in an American manufacturing factory has moved to China above all, and when a possibility that the United States becomes inferior is high when a war has happened, is the contents giving the alarm.

Chinese military power expansion and power principle-like flank are inspected and China is placed with a dangerous challenger at a chapter in the second half on this book.
Logic it's military and how to seal this dangerous challenger economically is developed on it.

The former Democratic Party of Japan government has tried to hold China down by strengthening economical participation to China and change China to a peaceful and liberal country. But if this try was failure, an author is criticizing. 

A rose can't do anything on a book, but the reinforcement means of this overall national power are often mentioned by this note, and there is a lot of something to which those add a remark and consistency of Aramasa right executive of cards.
The protection of intellectual properties to stop dependence reduction to items made in China using a tariff, a recovery of an American industry by the corporation profit tax tax reduction and Chinese stealing to correct a trade disproportion.

This note, "It isn't a well-balanced analysis about Chinese military power and strategy, it's valuable as the clue to know the Chinese look of the political power of cards.", a doing international scholar will also add a lot of things.

Without fighting, USA "wins" to a challenger.
North Korean nuclear development and Communist Party of China have to crush change of original form and international law ignoring by Tsutomu who goes at the South China Sea.
The ability of the president of cards would be asked about. 

Prostitute exporting country person and Korea.

Good evening.

Increasingly, the summit of an American president of cards and the Shinzo Abe premiership of my Japan is held at USA.

When the state of the demonstration of anti-cards of the American people after an American presidential election was being seen when you made them say by a personal sense, democracy felt whether it had warped, didn't he?
If I finish fighting, the "tolerant heart" which blesses a partner is forgot.
Where is the country glad for an opinion in USA to break? You should think.

Tonight will be the talk of "Korean prostitute" which is frequently arrested at USA.

Do you know that Korea is the biggest prostitute exporting country person in the world?
Uh, that Korea I keep throwing up the lie called "military comfort woman compulsion taking" where.

Because a prostitution special act was carried out in 2004 in Korea, hundreds of thousands of Korean prostitutes are exported and are becoming social problem in all over the world.
Unprecedented demonstration by the prostitutes who legalize prostitution of the Korea country is held extensively, and I also want you to know the fact that displeasure of the world is being bought.

A lady is strong in the consciousness that one says the sense to catch prostitution with a bad thing is thin, and which place of prostitution is bad, too because it was also affected by Confucianism from ancient times in Korea, and she had the idea that a lady is despised, and the lady was strong in the aspect caught as a sexual tool also such culture kept passing for a long time.

Most ladies who are a prostitute are usual clerk of a company, staff of a first-class enterprise, teacher at school, college student and high school student in the daytime, and if, I participate in quite wonderful occupation, a doing lady is thought to do prostitution as a side business much.

When not having enough money again, it exists quite much and the lady who turns to prostitution casually is becoming normality.
Even if it's judged from such thing, the lady doing actual prostitution is regarded as something with Korean government announcements quite a lot more than (260000 prostitution full-timers).

 It was described a short while ago, but there were no laws about buying and selling spring in Korea until 2004.
The buying and selling spring was proper and a prostitute was recognized as wonderful occupation.

This law was carried out and the prostitutes who became painful asked a right of prostitution, and a life did demonstration.

It's necessary to know the export rate of the Korean lady (prostitute) to say the world top level as fact. 
One corner in last year's "the expedition prostitute arrested in the United States" iceberg.
The traders' most part arrested by investigative authorities is Korean in America of the American nationality. 

A report from a citizen shows the power in Korean prostitute arrest in the United States! 

The fact how does that a Korean say a Korean = a prostitute in order to do big lie "doesn't go off.

It's because "prostitution" is being also done somewhere this time. 

Wise sayings of the world a word voices, and turns painfully.5

Good evening.

Vigor and a mind to do go out by a word in the fluid world.

Are you impressed?


Word of the magic which is of assistance when wanting you to push a back a little when wanting vigorousness.

Love is trust. If you love someone, 
you trust him perfectly. Do you understand?.

I could do anything, but instead I’ll do nothing. Isn’t it marvellous to do just what one feels like?

Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.

The most important thing is to enjoy your life – to be happy – it’s all that matters.

We don’t laugh because we’re happy – we’re happy because we laugh.

A good hearty laugh would help more than ten Valerian pills.

You’ll never find a rainbow if you’re looking down.

When the good word reeled emotionally is experienced, you think a heart and a head become clear, right?

I'll engrave a liked word in my memory and repeat it many times.

It's sometimes better to mention and present to an important person♪, isn't it?

The word becomes a reality sometime surely.

The Chinese provocation which plans cut of Japan-U.S. alliance.

Thank you very much for coming to my blog.

Anxiety of a touch was mentioned to stop an ambition of the Communist Party of China and military government.

There is something as the movement which tries American commitment to Asia and commitment to Japan-U.S. alliance in the trend as the isolationism-like tendency which is being strengthened between the American people who became clear by "phenomenon of cards" in the United States.


It's a very obstructive thing that the United States also maintains military influence at East Asia for Russia for China.
It's being to say the most desirable scenario for China and Russia to quiver a relation between United States and biggest allied country Japan in its Asia also make influence in an American area fall in the long run. 

The, it's said to be the problem the test case which is most is Senkaku-shoto also which is probably Taiwan Strait, it'll be.
I don't know whether China and Russia cooperate, but if I see saying objectively, and it's a proper analysis, Japan and Russia both countries seem to have "the common interest" at least. 

Even the Ise-shima Summit is placed on the big agenda from the angle of the "freedom of sailing" etc. about the South China Sea, and even other international conferences are argued, and on the other hand a problem in the East China Sea can be close in its shadow, and a trout sharing problem recognition is said to be sharing of problem recognition by an international society as the whole international society, then there is a point that I have got one step late.

The one of the situation of the East China Sea is clearer than the South China Sea like international law, and there is 100% reason in insistence of a Japanese middle line, but therefore and Japan is doing practical effect rule, but therefore Japan keeps getting the viewpoint where a problem doesn't exist by an international society.
There may be a lot of ones of also referring to a problem in the South China Sea to an international society as Japanese Government indeed.

The one of a problem in the South China Sea puts it in the country besides Japan, and is recognized easily than a problem in the East China Sea, and, "I'm not also insisting on Japan too strenuously about the East China Sea, so, a problem won't be serious.", such as, there is actuality misunderstanding has caused.
China and Russia thrust at the gap, and try to do the change of original form which also chooses the East China Sea as the power. 

The cautious level of Japan Self-Defense Forces and the U.S. forces is raised so that a Chinese war vessel invades in the territorial waters or a private citizen can also correspond to all possibilities as Japan under the recognition that a possibility that the provocation act such as hitting Senkaku will happen from now on is rising, if, the hardware side with which the system that correspondence at time will be done is made, if, it's necessary to strengthen the soft side and the equipment at the both sides such as the legal maintenance which can correspond to the occasion, opinion formation and resolution of a top leader.

"The steamship which wakes a sleep in Taihei up" while the trend of USA is also watched worldwide, it's a serious situation so that I have to make us as well as the cooperation reinforcement with an international society the trigger which thinks Japanese protects a Japanese country from overseas invasive behavior seriously.

When a baton was handed to a president of cards from President OBAMA, the directionality Japan should advance probably becomes clear. 

What your choice of smartphone says about you.


There are various opinions (*´∀`*), aren't there?

Choice of smartphone provides valuable information about its owner.


This is one of the findings of a doctoral study conducted by Heather Shaw, from University of Lincoln's School of Psychology. She is presenting her work today, Thursday 1 September, to the British Psychological Society Social Psychology Section annual conference in Cardiff.

Miss Shaw and her fellow researchers conducted two studies of personality differences between iPhone and Android smartphone users. Lancaster University was also involved in the study.

In the first study the researchers asked 240 participants to complete a questionnaire about characteristics they associate with users of each smartphone brand.

In the second study they tested these stereotypes against actual personality traits of 530 Android and iPhone smartphone users.

The results from the first study showed that Android users are perceived to have greater levels of honesty and humility, agreeableness and openness personality traits but are seen as less extroverted than iPhone users.

The results from the second study showed that most of the personality stereotypes did not occur in reality, as only honesty and humility was found in greater amounts within Android users.

However, they did find that women were twice more likely to own an iPhone than an Android Phone. When measuring the characteristic 'avoidance of similarity' which describes whether people like having the same products as others, Android Users avoided similarity more than iPhone users. Finally, iPhone users thought it was more important to have a high status phone than Android users.

Heather explained "This study provides new insights into personality differences between different types of smartphone users. Smartphone choice is the most basic level of smartphone personalisation, and even this can tell us a lot about the user."

"Imagine if we further researched how personality traits relate to the applications people download. It is becoming more and more apparent that smartphones are becoming a mini digital version of the user, and many of us don't like it when other people use our phones because it can reveal so much about us".

Pitiable "USA"

An announcement of the Chinese Department of State of the contents which can't understand at all.

The Chinese MOD announced the comment which is criticized for U.S. forces's conducting a "of sailing, free" strategy in west sand (English great parasail) islands in the South China Sea on the 21st if they "were the delictum and the provocation act to which it's important that I invaded Chinese territorial waters recklessly".


We assume that 2 ships of a Chinese navy warned to get away from the site area of sea to a rice destroyer.

The "Japan" "American" "Vietnam" etc. change of original form by the power of China at the South China Sea as well as passage in time is telling itself be Masayoshi and to obey international law is becoming reverse in treatment as an axis of vice.

Even the one what is which is being on earth a fact for international law.
That I don't give a damn even if international law isn't obeyed actually, isn't China a sending one in the world?

The "free strategy of" sailing out of which an American lower back could be pulled makes no sense.

The "free strategy of" sailing out of which an American lower back could be pulled makes no sense.

By Japanese back society, "If it's tasted, its organization ends with that."

International law and UN resolution reflection.
When breaking the law, I have to carry out that there is discipline, the pressure of USA I named appropriate for that is also however ineffective.

It wouldn't be able to give the explanation to which I say because they're the OBAMA political power last years.
It can also be understood that there are rice domestic affairs of some level in resigning from a policeman of the world.

Then, is the importance of existence of "UN" which falls a malfunction achieved? The order of which I think in a sandfish question.

Do you know the person who takes "UN withdrawal" to be increasing suddenly in Japan?

The one of the OBAMA president vs. a weak attitude policy to China are also a bad reputation in Japan.

Since putting it in Japan more than a OBAMA president about Mrs. Clinton, Mr. cards and this two who may become the next president, it's also added that it's poorly rated.

Mrs. Clinton flooded with the Chinese money to the hilt is shortsighted, myself am a basis, from even if Mr. cards of a word and both become a new president, Japan would lower American evaluation.

If it can't be believed each other each other even if there is Japan-U.S. alliance, the relation of one slip of paper would be a fact.

When being done, the way Japan chooses is being limited.
It'll be substantial expansion of the war expenditure (in case of Japan, the defense cost) in order to defend an own country at an own country as sovereign nation.

When saying, it develops into Japanese nuclear armament theory.
A neighborhood country is because it's obvious that Japanese life and assets can't be defended by defensive defense only of a conventional weapon as far as I'm sighting a missile with an atomic warhead on Japan.

They're an American citizen. I want you to remember.
We're how long Japanese struggled dealing with your country while there were also no goods, in the Pacific War.

The generation unfortunately when I don't know a war will be brainwash education by postwar GHQ much, and a brainwash melts.
It's also apparent that development of the internet also carries the corner.

It's better to feel USA sending the operations which can't also be done to the world become a laughingstock in the world in now.
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