I've been attending a new language class recently; my 3rd lesson actually 
and I've realized that the interesting part of other languages which at a small certain percentages were linked to another languages like the Chinese Hanzi and some English characters.

Attending the lesson I realized how important the Chinese Hanzi was as it was the main characters that was used to create another languages; They were also used for writings in Korean, Vietnamese and some other Asian countires. So there I was sulking that I've attendend an english school, although I may speak the chinese dialects of cantonese, Hokkien and mandrin but I couldnt read or write any of those ... my only advantages being born in Malaysia was I gain and extra language of Bahasa Malaysia which we could or shall I say a language that we have to learn in our education systems. Probably I should start learning the chinese Hanzi soon 

Never the less I'm still half way or should I say begining to digest or master this new languge that I'm learning :) 日本語 Nihongo

Hopefully in future will be easier to communicate with the team in a common language, exchanging and learning new languages is really interesting while at the same time you get to learn the culture too. 

おつかれさまでした!-Otsukare sama deshita!