June. 6 2011

(a bit) long time no see.
It's a lovery monday morning!
Today's weather is so beautiful as well as me. ( ゚∀゚)アハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \
I suppose to that you all started the nice weekday. 11:28

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June. 2. 2011

It's raining since morning in Yokohama.
Just finished my lunch and full stomach invites me to sleepness.

Thank you for visiting in such a rainy weather.
I think you guys who come here are my FEW REAL readers.
I love you all(^_^)ニコニコ

Well, I have to tell you that this blog has an access analysis.
So please bear in mind about it and be careful. hee-hee.(゚∀゚)アヒャヒャ
Aaaand you might think I LOVE C******* sooooo much!
But in fact I don't like so far.
It's just between YOU & ME!
Have a nice Oyatsu time. 14:00

I'll have to go with my dad to go to his hospital in Chiba.
So I have to say G'night a little earlier.
Have a delicious dream.
I wanna to appear in your dream. w(゚o゚)w オオー!
Probably being so busy, it may be impossible to update here tomorrow.23:00

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June. 1, 2011

Just took my lunch.
June started from today.
A bit cold and slightly rain in Yokohama.
The weather seems turn back to winter.
Cloudy and gray sky to be suitable for rainy season.
But gotta go enjoy as much as possible!(´∀`*) 12:55

In my daily life,some unpleasant things happen that makes me feeling bit down.
How do you overcome such situation? 17:30

Are you enjoying after supper coffee.
I've just finished having supper.
And after posting my tabelog, I'll take a hot coffee.
I cease to want to go cafe for the few day.
Maybe my own brew of iced coffee plays a good role of cafes.
It is self-contentment. ha-ha-ha-(⌒?⌒)
Well then, see you. 20:48

Nothing beats a Garigari-kun with coffee after bathing!

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May. 31, 2011

Today is the last day of May.
It's a cloudy morning with cold air.
My breakfast was a sausage bread that my hus had remained aaaaand iced coffee with a little less ice.
Today I must raise the Level to about 6.5.
Okay, get going!
Have a nice last of May.(o^∇^o)ノ10:24

Just roasted tandoori chickens.
That's seems so delicious.
Can't wait for supper. 18:23

My poor rose having been dried up for a long time, I try to bring up an eggplant.
Wish to bear delicious fruits next time!20:07

I said G'night somewhere,the fact I'm still awake.heh-heh 22:25

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May. 30, 2011

G'morning&Lovely afternoon(´∀`)
It's getting sunny as if yesterday's weather seems just a lie in Yokohama.
The sunlight and blue sky are gradually increasing.
Someting wonderful happenings must be coming up to you and me.(^_^)ニコニコ
It's time my beloved lunchtime. 12:38

It starts becoming cloudy.
Drinking today's second coffee is also iced.
I have been getting a bit better to make coffee than before.
Only recently have I realized that how to make a good drip iced coffee.
I simply try to put little more beans.
Do you know anything better method about it?
Have a delicious Oyatsu time.15:30

My hus having a drinking gathering tonight,I need not to prepare supper.17:11

So sleepy.
Heading to bed with "level7"
G'night and Thanks for your coming.❤0:07

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May. 29, 2011

The last Sunday of May is a bit typhoon in Yokohama.
The rain is getting stronger than yesterday.
I made a sunny-side up for my breakfast instead of not having seen the Sun.
Flowing worceter sauce put on an egg yolk looked like overflowed with tears.
But it was delicious and cheered me up!
Fight!! (`・ω・´) 11:28

Suddenly heavy rain began to fall and stoppet at once.
What's up with the weather. 16:27

So sleepy.
Now I wanna take a short nap better than Okashi. 16:51

This is probably today's last appearance.(*゚∀゚)っ
Relax time with coffee now.
I need to drink at least 1 cup of coffee between after supper and bedtime.
Taking caffeeine seems to have no effect on my sleeping.
Preferably caffeine makes my mind calm down.
It's a good sleeping pill.
Well, it's about time to say G'night.
Mata-asita☆*゚ ゜゚*☆*☆*゚23:37

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May. 28, 2011

How's your rainy day?
My Saturday is indulging me with rainy sounds ,cool air and lazy time.
Though weather seems gray, I can't believe there's a typhoon coming!
In condition permit, I wanna going out some(delicious) places.
Well, have a nice Oyatsu time..。o○o。.★.。o○o。.☆ 14:27


The rain goes on.
Have you took a supper ?
I've not yet, I'll probably take Okonomiyaki.Yeah!(☆゚∀゚)

As you know(or not?), I'm not a big fan of fishes.
Tell you the truth, I hate fish of its smell, taste and texture.
But fishes are celebrated for its high nutrient.
So I need to be eating a bit more often.
Today, I tried picling some sawaras in miso to make saikyo-duke.
See them a few days after.
Wish that'll be delicious! 20:11

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May. 27, 2011

Today is last Friday of May and definitely TGIF that may be awaited day for workingman!
But TGIF mood of today seems not good as if it wouldn't like to say good bye to May.
Even though being a bid cold, I don' dislike the gray sky face.
Hey gray sky,wish you treat ours tenderly.
Well, just baked bread for breakfast.
Let's have a wonderful day not be defeated such weather. 10:00

Hey!Doraemon time now!
Have you finished your supper?
I've just been stayed at home while napping, munching some snacks,watching TV and so on.
Oh,speaking of rainy!
The rainy season has officially started 12 days earlier than average.
And it brings with the typhoon No.2.
Anyhow, Gotta enjoy this moisture season.
I'm exciting for Kamakura!ヾ(=^▽^=)ノ 19:44

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May. 26, 2011

It's a lovely day again today in Yokohama.
So beautiful sky!
Even though it's such fine weather, I found some umbrella marks on the weather forcast.
HOPE It'll not rain from afternoon!
Because I'll going out for Tokyo.
Wish today will bring you a lot of happy and lucky and !
It's about time to start my Thursday. See you. 10:23

Hi!I'm on a Toyoko line to head to my sis' home.
The sky seems getting dark. 14:04

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May. 25, 2011

It's a beautiful Wednesday!
It has been sunny since yesterday afternoon in Yokohama.
I slept well thanks to had heard nothing like rainy sounds.

Well,I have some small good news!
My weight has decreased by 400g(only?) than before.
It's very difficult to do it for me.
And today is my brother's 44Th birthday
So joyful☆*゚ ゜゚*☆*☆*゚

It'll soon come the lunch time!
See you and have a delicious lunch.(☆゚∀゚) 11:35

It's late at night.
Are you still awake?
Have you finished bathing?
I'm sure taking a bath is extreamely important for health compare with meal,sleeping,walking.
BUT! I prefer likely to take a quick it.
Having just 10~15 mins soaking makes me so relax and bath room is the perfect place to be lost in wild fancies.
Uh-unh. . . whatever I say,I love it('▽'*)ニパッ♪
G'night! Have a sweet dream. 0:11

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