September 20, 2007


     45th Meijin-sen tournament was over.  

     7 points out of 9, 2nd place.  Both of them were best result in my 6 participations, but I wasn't satisfied, rather angry with myself.  This tournament was not for checking my progress or getting in top 3, just win and being challenger of Meijin for me.  So the 2nd has same meaning as last place.

     It was the last chance to be Meijin as a student.  I want to blow new wind into Meijin-sen Match as soon as possible, and I feel many players want me to do it.  Then I had strong spirit and confidence this time.  Also I said about the confidence to others because I need to put pressure on myself.  But I failed... Oh...!!

     Anyway, my normal life started again.  Part time jobs, graduation thesis, and renju opening rules (maybe some other important things... what?? :P ).


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September 14, 2007

Meijin-sen Tournament is Coming!4

     Meijin-sen tournament will be held on Sep 15-17.  Now I am ready to leave.

     My 1st participation was 5 years ago, when I was 16.  It is the 2nd younghest record (1st is Mr.Nakamura).  Last 5 results were 7th place, 4, 5, 3, 3.  Not so bad, not so good... restrained.  Many renju fans want me to overcome strong veteran plyaers (even main competitors, Mr.Kawamura and Mr. Yamaguhci think so too?? :P), but I couldn't reward fot it.  I hope this time I can...

     If you know my address of mobile phone, please teach me good tactics and give support messages :P  Also welcome to join chat system on the website of Japan Renju Federation, and please do it there too (ask administrator to call me first :P)


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September 07, 2007

Quiet day3

     I started new part time job 5 days ago, but today is a holiday to go university and study for graduation thesis. However...

     I slept until 12 o'clock and saw 3 dreams without fee :P  In the dream, I was wakened by a mail for my mobile phone in the midnight, also I woke up too early morning...  After the real rising, I was a bit tired because of the strange dreams, althogh I slept so long :(

     Finally I decided not to go university today because I wanted to see video of TV progam.  I can study in my home too.  But the biggest reason to stay home is... avoid to pay transportation expenses to go university :P


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September 05, 2007

Big Power of Advertisement3

     Thanks to the Renju News No. 198, the number of visitors of here in yesterday was bigger than the record of Japanese version!   Not only renju players but also school friends and some others look my Japanese version, but English version is only for renju friends.  So it seems that... I have many fans in renju :P

     Yesterday (it is 0:30 am in Japan) I went to library in my university with 2 friends, although I am in long vacation, because I have to study hard to make graduation thesis.  I analyse Max Weber for thr thesis.

      In this study, as I write messy letters (it is famous in my seminar), I used to wrote down something on a book directly or used computer. But I started to use notebook yesterday, it was very nice to find new things Mr. Weber wanted to say.  And I finally understood the meaning of a hint my teacher gave me 50 days ago... haha...

     However, when the 2 friends see my notebook, they said

     "Haha, your letters are messy as usual! "

     I lost my motivation....



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September 01, 2007

Start of English version!!5


     I opened my blog in Japanese 10 months ago, I published articles about my everyday life, studying in university, job hunting, opinions about renju and so on.  Also I published more than 300 photos.

     From now I will publish articles also in English here, copy all photos for English version (not only renju tournaments, also fireworks and so on :) ) and translate old articles of opinion about renju into English.


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