April 24, 2006

My best friend's wedding

82f40b38.jpgOne of my best friends from university had a wedding ceremony last Saturday. It was a lovely lovely wedding.I was wondering if ...one day...hmmmm. I made a wish upon a star!  
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April 07, 2006

Sakura - cherry blossoms

3542c7c6.jpgSakura, cherry blossoms, was at full bloom in thelast weekend, and the flower petals have started falling in the wind.

The life of Sakura is really short, but it is a part of beauty of the flower, I think.  
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March 25, 2006

Spring has come!

d325db44.jpgThe spring has come here in Tokyo.

You can tell that because the cherry blossoms(sakura) start blooming, which are expected to be in full bloom in a week or 10 days. In Japan, the flower forecast of sakuras has been covered on television since the beginning of March. Based on the sakura forecast, people are planning when to take "sakura-viewing-picnic" to appreciate the beauty of the flowers and the advent of spring.

Let's go to see the sakuras, shall we?!

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March 06, 2006

Have a break!

dc1b8d8b.jpgA month passed after the last post. Thenk you for remembering me after this long absence.

I have been caught up in a hectic work due to the last-minutes-effort to complete my first project. One day, I worked until 5am and was back for work at 10am in the same morning. The poor work-life-balance is something I really hate in this country. There is a serious problem of high percentage of people getting ill phisically or mentally from tough working conditions. Their high dedication and moral at work should be respected though....

Well, in my case, I am still be able to enjoy my life by taking a rest with coffee & macallons! Lucky me!  
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February 02, 2006


A small earthquake happened in Tokyo area at around 8:40pm last night. It was small but enough to make my room shaking a little. I knew the size was about the intensity level two or above because if it is under the level 2, you usually don't sense it. (The intensity level was defined by a Japanese authority and used only in Japan.)

Anyway, earthquake is not something unusual in this country, and the damage is small in a lot of cases. However, once a big one happens, many houses, building, roads and bridges collapses and brings huge loss for society and people.

Japan Meteological Agency  
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January 31, 2006

Very practical

a63d447e.jpgTextbooks I used during my MBA programme are too heavy to carry and too thick to read through. However, I finally found the practical ways to use those books. Say, when you need a pedestal to take a picture, look for some MBA thick books sitting in a corner of your room!

Honestly, I was glad to have kept them instead of throwing away when I left Lyon not only because they are fine as a pedestal but also I sometimes need to reread them for my new job as a consultant.  
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January 24, 2006

A scene

I saw a beautiful couple at a train station this morning . When I saw a woman walking behind a man putting her hand on his shoulder, I noticed she was blind. But, right after that, I found that both of them were blind and the husband led his wife in a uniform rhythm. It must be hard for them especially after we got heavy snow, however they were steady on their legs. They were just so beautiful. I thanked them and God for brightening my day.  
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January 19, 2006

Business card

a33fee9e.JPGI transfered to a new position as a consultant, and my new business cards are now ready for distribution! That's why I bought a business card holder. Isn't the orange one pretty, is it?!

When you exchange business cards with Japanese, you must be careful about the manner, making sure to receive a card with both hands and to make a bow a little. A business card represents the person-self, so to handle the card carefully is the way to show your respect to him/her. Isn't it interesting to see the difference in business practices between Japan and Wensterner?!  
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January 18, 2006

Cafe Latte

7bbca437.jpgWanna have a cup of cafe latte?

Come to Japan and you'll find a one with a lovely bear formed by foam of milk!  
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December 18, 2005


cb8d633d.bmpA 79-year-old origami artist has been traveling 50 coutries, invited to teach how to create figures by folding a simple square paper called origami to children. I participated in his workshop and learned how to make a figure of a fox (pink), an organ (blue/the instrument), a house, a dog (orange) and Santa Claus (red). (Thank you for using your imagination!)

He's blind and doesn't speak any language other than Japanese, however he passes along his techniqus to all kinds of people all over the world including the disabled and orphanes, and he shares his experience and "joie de vivre", joy of life, with others.

I would remember the smile shown by one of the participants, who was a little blind girl, when she was touching the figure of a flower created and given by the artist.  
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December 14, 2005

Fiber-optical Networking

5732c92f.jpgThe fast speed internet has just installed at home! I can enjoy a maximum 100Mbps using fiber-optical communication. It's very fast, isn't it?! The service I used in France was only 512bps by Wanadoo....

It's getting common to use the fiber as an internet channel because the biggest telecommunication company and the one for the electrics are competing so fiercely that the price is getting lower, which is very good for the consumers (-: So, I can use 100Mbps at almost the same price as the 512bps in France.

In my case, the apartment has already completed a foundation work for the fiber network. That makes it quite easy and convenient for individuals to start using the network service.

Can you see the small green lights blinking at the side of the laptop in the pic? It's the ones for a wireless LAN card. I'm using a wireless connection in my humble small apartment, where it's not necessary to use a wireless LAN, to enable myself to access internet even on my bed!  
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December 08, 2005

Sushi restaurant

aba05208.JPGSushi is the most famous Japanese food in the world. Or, some might believe Sushi is the Japanese food, I'm afraid. Most of my friends whom I met in Europe love Sushi and we went to a sushi restaurant once in a while. There are some sushi or Japanese restaurants in Lyon, but few are owned by Japanese. You can not expect the same level of quality or atmostphere abroad, which is understandable, of course though.

By my own definition, there are two major categories for a Sushi restaurant, circulate or not. At a sushi-go-round restaurant, plates on which two pieces of sushis are put are circulating by belt-conveyor. You can enjoy sushi casually without much concern about your budget.

On the other hand, at a traditional Sushi restaurant or Sushi bar, where there is no belt-conveyor or even price tags, you are supposed to eat better sushi with fresh seafood and pay more. You can choose sushi items from the list of fish and order over the bar counter to the chef directly. It is sometimes scary if it is your first time to call in the bar because you have no clear indication of the price of each piece of sushi. I suggest you to withdraw more than you think enough!

F.Y.I. my personal favorite is the latter one~, thanks! (-:  
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December 05, 2005

Deep impact

71ec228e.jpgI went to an real old-fashioned Yakitori restaurant, a shop selling skewers of barbecued chicken. There were a lot of people old and young sitting on the benches, which were almost broken, eating yakitoris, drinking beers or sake. It was a fun to feel an old-time unsophisticated atmosphere however I got surprised with the toilets, which was unisex. When I came out of a unit, a man was standing there to have his errand done. Anyway, if you are interested in, I'm glad to invite you to the deep world.  
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December 02, 2005


eccae8f7.jpgYesterday was my start of new life in Tokyo after 16 months absense. I backed in my company, started living in my new apartment and celebrated a 2xth birthday. Thank you for sending heart-warming messages! Everything goes fine, and my emotion is so relaxed, peaceful and positive.

The new apartment is well located, 15 minutes away from Shinjuku by train, which is not bad for people living in this metropolitan area. Even though I had almost 8 years experience in Tokyo before, I still got shocked to be involved a terrible commute this morning. There are so many people everywhere in trains, platforms, stairs and streets, and they were rushing like hell. When I stopped to see the direction to go, someone dashed against me.... Well, it might be me who should be blamed because I was against the stream of people.

Overall, the life here is OK! I'm sure I'll make it better and more confortable little by little.  
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November 23, 2005


9b1f975c.jpgI went to a kaiseki-restaurant with my family. Everytime I go to the restaurant, I'm impressed by the sensitive taste of cooking and atmosphere which let the customers feel the season and relaxed. I like Kaiseki-ryori, a meal of courses, because it usually uses the fresh ingredients in season and decorates each dish artisticlly.

Kaiseki-ryori is a Japanese traditional cuisine style, which was derived from the dishes served during a traditional tea ceremony linked with zen.
It is a special treat, at least for my family, and we enjoy it once in a while in case we want to cerebrate something or to entertain our special guests.

When are you going to visit me in Japan, dear friends?

*All about Kaiseki-ryori   
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November 19, 2005

Beaujolais nouveau est arrive!

fcbdbbfb.jpgI enjoyed this year's beaujolais nouveau the day before yesterday, exactly on the day the wine started to be sold. I can not miss the chance to have a party for whatever reason. That reminded me of the last year's celebration of beaujolais nouveau with my classmates at a restaurant near la place Bellecour.

It was a pity that a rebellion happened in the place Bellecour several days ago. It seemed a big one enough to be reported even in Japan. I wished that those people, no matter where their origins were, could have forgot all the concerns by having the beaujolais wines on the day at least.  
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November 13, 2005


ada9607a.jpgYosenabe is the Japanese hot pot of meat, seafood and vegetables with fish-based soup. It is a very well-balanced diet. Usually set in the middle of the table warming up by a small stove, each one of family or company dishes out and eats ingrediants dipping in a soy soup or ponzu.

Hot pot dishes called "nabe-mono" in general terms are often served during winter season, and it is usually eaten by a group of people not an individual. To eat from the same pot with others gives a sense of intimacy, I suppose. That's why I like it so much.

The yosenabe I tasted with my very good friends in Osaka this weekend was really delicious as you can see in the photo!

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November 09, 2005

poco a poco

e7abf0b2.jpgA peaceful day with nothing to urge me immidately.

What I did today are:
- complete my CV in Japanese.
- look for a place to live in Tokyo...haven't found the one yet though.
- start a piece of Lifehacks introduced by a good friend of mine. (in order to let myself organized, flexible and creative!)

Oh, I thought I didn't do anything particular, but it wasn't so bad. I got things done somehow. That makes me feel gooood!

It is necessary to have some time to have another take-off for the new life poco a poco. You think the same, right?  
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November 08, 2005

New mobile phone

60ecfe3c.gifI bought my new mobile phone yesterday. Now I'm back in the modern degital world!

My new mobile has so many functions, emails, digital camera(1.2M pixel), TV phone, wide LC display, music playback, mini SD card along with the telephone call! What suprised me was the plice of the phone....it was for free!

I chose a white one, and the color combination of white and aqua is lovely. I think I will use this phone as my main camera to upload snapshots to this blog!

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November 07, 2005


I have used this blog site to tell my friends in Japan about my life in France since last summer. Now, being back in Japan after great fifteen months in France, I wish if I can send small news to my friends whom I met in Europe.

I miss the blue sky in France. In Japan, we call clear and cloudless sky "Nihon-bare", translated "Japan's fair weather" literally. Using this borderless internet, I hope to introduce my daily life in Japan and to hearing your impressions back!  
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