2007年09月20日 00:02

Recently, I have to help my old co-worker in the previous office after my current work. There are a lot of photo re-touch works. these are busy!! I don`t have speare time to go to GABA.
The progress of the text is late........How do I handle this?

I'm forgeting a lot of Enlgish words, sentences,grammers,and Idioms........................................orz.


2007年08月03日 20:55

i took 2 lessons,M.G and E.O scince my last entry.they lovin anime and manga.we usuarlly talk about them but I heard E.O will leave from ikebukuro because he moved to yokohama.i feel so sad. Who should I speak with about them? PLZ COME BACK(笑).BTW,i have to get in wedding party of my old co-worker at Hachiouji tomorrow night.
it`s too far to go! DAMN!!

that`s all now.

see you.

2007年07月28日 21:11

There are no air conditioner in my house.I'm boiling to death right now.
I took a lesson with C.H at 2:30. When I was going to the booth, He bumped me behind.I was sooooo..... surprised by him. Our lesson were almost talking about daily life. He had me listen to music who played by Eminem with his I-pod 6-Generation and He sang a song for me.
He is always funny.

After the lesson, I went to the Tobu Department store to look foward a jacket and pants because I have to get in the wedding party of my old co-worker next weekend but I have no scence of fashion. It is always difficult for me to choose some clothes. Hey, How do you usually choose your clothes? SOMEBODY HELP ME!!!

2007年07月24日 01:50

July 23rd Monday Cloudy 曇り

I took a lesson at 20:30, I also chose no preference instractor. They booked S.A again!

We talked about my day and what I have done..
and We practiced "have something done".

What did you have done in the hair dresser?

I had my hair cut.
I had my back massageed
I also had my hair washed.
I had my face shaved up.

and flowed into our actual lesson subject
"adjectices + prepositions"

worried + about /sorry + for
be + surprised + by
tired + of
annoyed + with / angry + with / pissed + off
interested + in
excited + about
scared + of
disapointed + by
attracted + to

"I`m really scared of the great white shark."
"I feel so disapointed by the fact that she turned me down."
"I was so scared of the fact that you broke my car."
"I am surprised by the fact that you broke his PC."
"I am really tired of eating pizza."


there were a lot of new Language Snapshot.
I made some sentences to use those expressions but I couldn`t memorize Language Snapshot. my brain have confused. I thought I have to practice more hard.

I really worried about I am going to pass the LUT of SS4.

2007年07月18日 21:35

i've just finished the today's lesson at 20:30.

i also talked managers, C and R. They checked my home work and teaching me some points of SS4.

today's instractor A from Scottland was wonderful instractor.
he prepared the a lot of note, drown the UK maps and any famous things.I practiced previous lesson's vocaburaly in my lesson for these days.He always asked me "do you have some question?" i tried to talk and ask him a lot.
i had a good lesson today.

now i remember, it was my first time to take the lesson of UK`s instractor.WHY?

2007年07月13日 00:14

I took a lesson with G at 20:30 P.M. When I was in my office, I noticed to forget deliting the data of my IC-recorder because it was fulled of memory. I had to pass thorough my house to copy and delite the data when went to the Ikebukuro LS. I also chatted managers. they asked me "Why do you wear a casual?" because I usually wear a suit on weekdays. I told them that.

I learnt about "too + adjective + verb" and "not + adjective + enough + to + verb" in the lesson.

and I wrote my new vocablary down here.

cramped - a cramped room,building,etc up plesant because it is not big enough.

cheap - Not expensive , payless , low quality. person us not willing to spend money.

spacious - large and with a lot of space

responsible - JOB A responsible job is important because you have to make decisions that affect other people.

irresponsible - not thinking about the possible bad results of what you are doing

picky - INFORMAL Someone who is picky does not like many things. thus like that me (笑)

depressing - making you feel unhappy and without any hope for the future .

pracical - REAL relating to real situations or actions and not to thoughts or ideas.
GOOD AT PLANNING Someone who is practical is good at planning things and dealing with problems.

I serched them from Cambridge learner`s dictionary.

2007年07月04日 22:40

I got my lesson time wrong today , I thought I booked a lesson on 20:30 , but it was started at 21:15 .I went there early.

Before the lesson,some instractors talked to me because I usually change a instractor on every lesson. I have met some of them. Then, one of instractor I forgot his name told me some points of SS3.I was luckly! and he guided me his booth to show the ice cream shop at Ikebukuro Sunshine-city. It was our first meeting.But I thought he was friendly,kindly person. Unfortunately, I guess he has 体験レッスン only.ブース2番だったし。

Today's instractor was S.A from turk.He is a 熱血教師.His lesson is always exciting,energetic. 日本語かなり上達してるとみたよ。

I tried a Level up Test acronym for LUT on the lesson.
Of corse I also said "I feel so nervous!

As a result.........................I passed a LUT!

And now,I wonder which text book should I choose,SS4 or Planet 2.Next,I take a trial lesson using with both text books.SS4 focuses a new grammer,usage, and idioms.The otherhand,Plane 2 focuses survival English and communication practice.

Could you give me your advice? if you are me.

2007年07月01日 15:39

I took a lesson with T looks like Yosuke Kubozuka(笑) at 13:45.First,he asked me getting ready to LUT.I told him about my previous lesson that is fast progresion for me to understand.so we done all review of SS3 was similer to LUT.It was little difficult for me to make some good example.He asked me what is the best place to live in tokyo,but I have never move from my family`s house.it was necessary a long thinking time to answer the question.In a word, the question situation was difficult. I felt forgot some point of SS3.

Anyway,I MIGHT(笑) try LUT of SS3 next lesson.

When I finished the lesson,I wanted to visit the Burger King in IKebukuro Sunshine-city. However, there was too many people!! It was terrible!! threw up eating.

and I went to Akihabara instead(←why?).
I enjoyed window-shopping a lot of PC parts.
BTW What happen at Akihabara? I think the speed of redevelopment of town is too fast!!

bye for now.

I watched the movie of Zodiac last monday.
Do you know the Zodiac Killer? it uncleared,deadly crime in USA.
(If you dont know this,you can check the wikipedia or searching on Internet.)

This movie based on the novel that wrote by Robert Graysmith.He was a illustrator in the newspaper company who chased the big mysterious suspense.
he got into this crime chasing like drug, lost a beloved family.

What do you think of this mystery?
Do you come to want to solve the code of Zodiac.

2007年06月20日 00:55

On June 18th, I took a lesson with J from Aukland.
He looked like a million bucks! I think Aussie & Kiwi are energetic enough in everything.
His speaking speed was soooooo fast.I tried to hear his talk so hard but I enjoyed talking with him.




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