A difference appears in the workplace to be different from the work that is popular among men for the occupation that is popular among women.

It is the woman who is more realistic than a man when it becomes finding employment, and an ideal and the reality do not seem to be often the same things.

There are many women in hope of an interpreter, office work, travel agency, but it is apparel, a fashion, event system to a thing having high popularity, or there seems to be it.

There is the person in hope of work to treat a visitor.

What is liked as a workplace seems to have much reliable work.

It is finance system, office work system, a reception desk, the salesclerk of the shop.

It is gorgeous, but on the other hand the work such as apparel, fashion system or the event system is the world only for women.

Restriction of the time is irregular, and life rhythm is the one which is apt to work which uniformity is not, and stress seems to be often accumulated.

There is the person whom the point that service side such as a salary or the welfare program does well says a condition of finding employment to when I say the work that is popular among women.

In the woman, there is the person to want to make one's hope form.

I am in that I do not make a problem to do outfitting-related work even if service is bad to some extent.

I study while working part-time and love that I open in future one's shop, and an income is bad temporarily, and there is the person that being does not mind now.

There seems to be the tendency that many feelings disappear recently when it is that there are not many differences of the man and woman for work in particular and thinks about finding employment.

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