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June 08, 2007

my little girl !?5

cca01656.jpgHi, it’s eiko

I’m at home in Fukushima right now.

In the Sex and the City,
I remember the line something like ‘this is why I love living in NY.
I can go out from the city sometimes.’
I really know what it’s like.

I’ve worked in Tokyo for a few years now.
Even though I sometimes come back to Fukushima,
it’s like for one or two nights.

But this time, I’ll be staying here for a while
– with my parents and my bother’s family.
(Yup, I have a big family here :))

My brother’s daughters are 7 and 4.
They are so sweet as they give me a big hug anytime!

Well, Julie, the younger one looks like exactly what I used to be – at least that’s what my family say. The face itself, colour of skin, the length of tongue (because of this, I couldn’t pronounce some particular sounds when I was little and she can’t either now) …

Julie asked me
"Can I sleep with you tonight, Eiko chan?"
So lovely to see her sleeping when I go to sleep and when I woke up.

This morning while we were having breakfast,
she asked me to sleep together again, hehe.
Maybe until I go back to my apartment in Yokohama!

Thanks to the girls, I've got my smile back, I guess :D
It’s kinda reminded me of importance of feeling calm
at some quiet place with fresh air once in a while - at least!

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June 01, 2007


Hope you had a good start for June ;)

I guess many people have this experience

- find bruise after a big night out -

Well, I like going out for a drink
and often get bruise the morning after clubbing.
but I haven't got drunk for a while.

I don't know how I got these...
one on my left arm and another on my back of my left knee.

Tried to remember but I cannot, really.
You know, this is actually the first time
to get bruise back of knees!!

Quite worrying.
Was I walking around and fell over while I was sleeping? hehe
Is it some kinda disease as I have dull pain on the leg?

I thought of taking a photo of the bruise on the leg,
but better not - not that pretty to show anyway :P

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May 29, 2007


As you might have noticed, everyone of us,
JPL stuff smokes

I’ve been smoking since I finished high school
and kept smoking even while I was in England where a packet
cost around 800yen at that time.

I remember it was something to learn the word ‘fag’
in England; like “I need a fag”
Also, I was quite pleased that I smoked as I got many friends
through smoking together (well, only cigarettes, of course)
with this one phrase – “Have a fag?”

One time I fainted during volleyball training,
I quit for a few weeks.
Then I got stressed out at dissertation and started smoking

I tried to quit a few times before and failed.

But this time, I believe that I’ll be able to quit.

BECAUSE I got some company

Well, I was half joking at first though.
But the thing was that all of us wanted a chance
to quit at some point anyway,
I hope this will be the best timing for us.

You’ve gotta keep your eyes on them , hehe.

If you catch them smoking,
please leave a comment here

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May 26, 2007


9904cfae.jpgHi, I'm eiko (←this hand looks huge, hehe)
Nice to meet you to some people. Others already know me, I guess.

Well, I'll try to write in English as there are many foreiners at JPL now and I hope this will bring English speaking guys some fun.

After JPL at Cafe & Dining Bar BRIDGE in Iidabashi, I went to 'Monja' with YOU chan.
She hadn't had Monja before!!!
At first we were like "mmm...no taste..."
Needed some soy sauce, salt & peppers!
The photo might not look good, but it was yum yum

There are so many restaurants around that area
You gotta go out and find the best place in each area where we have JPL.
Then, we can hang out after a tournament

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