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Arroyo hands out P10,000 to 30 'Princess' victims
07/02/2008 | 11:43 PM

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怖いですが、魚は安全と訴えるために ・・ 食べますよお魚

Govt officials eat fish to dispel contamination scare
07/03/2008 | 12:11 AM

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Meat sales up amid fears of contaminated fish
07/02/2008 | 11:34 PM

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Sibuyan Island fishermen ignore fishing ban
07/02/2008 | 11:40 PM

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Water samples near Princess of the Stars test negative of pesticide
07/02/2008 | 09:48 PM

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Task force decides to raise sunken vessel
07/03/2008 | 04:00 AM
07/03/2008 | 午前4時00分

MANILA, Philippines - A task force investigating a ferry disaster and the concerned shipping company have agreed to raise the vessel instead of boring a hole to retrieve toxic material in its cargo hold.
マニラ、フィリピン - フェリー災害を調査しているタスクフォースと心配している船会社は、その貨物室で有毒な材料を取り戻すために穴をあける代わりに、船を上げることに同意しました。

Ma. Elena H. Bautista, Transportation undersecretary for maritime affairs and task force chief, said they decided to refloat the vessel after consulting officials of Sulpicio Lines, Inc. and experts.

The 23,800-ton M/V Princess of the Stars, carrying more than 850 passengers and crew members, sailed from Manila North Harbor on June 20 and sunk the next day from huge waves caused by typhoon Frank (international code name: Fensheng).

"If we refloat the vessel, we have a higher probability of getting everything in the simplest and quickest way, including the bodies," Ms. Bautista told BusinessWorld.

She added, "If we cut [the part of the vessel], we have no assurance that we get the containers out. [Experts] will cut with 3,500 degrees centigrade heat. Combustible materials and decomposing bodies that produce gas might also ignite with the heat."
彼女は付け加えました ― 「我々が切る[船の部分]ならば、我々には我々が容器を取り出すという保証がありません。[専門家]摂氏3,500度によるカットは、熱くなります。ガスを生産する可燃性の材料と分解している体は、熱でも火がつくかもしれません。」

The retrieval of bodies trapped inside the ship is still put on hold pending the retrieval of chemical shipments that may threaten the marine environment and endanger the lives of frogmen and residents in the area.

The operations were called off on June 27 following the discovery of endosulfan, a highly toxic chemical shipment owned by Del Monte Philippines, Inc. used for fertilizer in pineapple plantations.

Ms. Bautista said the 40-foot container van carrying the chemical was located at the bottom of the ship with eight other container vans.

"We won’t have an easy way of getting it [cargo containing endosulfan] out because the cargo deck was already tight. If we pull it out, we might tear the container," she said.

Other toxic chemicals owned by Bayer Philippines, which include Antracol WP70, Tamaron 600SL, Trap 70WP, and Fuerza GR3, were later on discovered by the task force.
バイエルフィリピン(それはAntracol WP70、Tamaron 600SL、Trap 70WPとFuerza GR3を含みます)によって所有される他の有毒な化学製品が、タスクフォースによって後ほど発見されました。

Not easy

"This is not an easy task. It might take two to three months to completely refloat the ship," Ms. Bautista said.

It was unclear when the government and Sulpicio Lines will start the process.

Sulpicio Lines spokesman Ma. Victoria Lim-Florido confirmed that they have decided to refloat the ship, which was already declared as a "total loss."

"We are trying to do it without damage or with the least possible damage," Ms. Florido said in an interview on the sidelines of Wednesday’s Board of Marine Inquiry hearing.

She added they have started to look for salvage companies that specialize in re-floating sunken vessels.

Sulpicio Lines will shoulder the cost of lifting the vessel, Ms. Bautista said.

Meanwhile, officials of the Philippine Atmospheric Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA) said they have done their part in informing the public.
一方、フィリピンのAtmospheric GeophysicalとAstronomical Services Administration(PAGASA)の当局は、彼らが市民に知らせることでの彼らの役割をしたと言いました。

The group was charged with "gross negligence and incompetence" for "inaccurately" issuing weather bulletins that led to the ferry tragedy.

During the hearing, PAGASA Director Prisco D. Nilo said, "We immediately broadcast the report by the time they are obtained. We are simultaneously informing the National Disaster Coordinating Council and issue public announcements."
審理の間に、PAGASAディレクタープリスコD. Niloは言いました ― 「彼らが得られる頃には、我々はすぐにレポートを放送しました。我々は同時にナショナルDisaster情報連絡協議会に知らせていて、公示を出します。」

Mr. Nilo said "shipowners have the responsibility to keep track of the weather." — Bernard U. Allauigan, BusinessWorld
「船主には、天気の経過を追う義務があります。」と、Nilo氏が言いました — バーナードU. Allauigan、BusinessWorld






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