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Ayala Alabang pools eyed as dengue source

By Miko Morelos
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 05:38:00 09/24/2010

MANILA, Philippines?A rise in dengue cases had been recorded in the posh Ayala Alabang Village, and officials suspect that swimming pools and fishponds left unattended by homeowners could be the culprit.

Although the dengue incidence in Muntinlupa plummeted by 77 percent from last year, the number of confirmed cases in the upscale, gated community almost doubled from 28 in 2009 to 53 as of Sept. 20 this year, according to Dodie Matanguihan, secretary of Barangay Ayala Alabang.
Muntinlupa のデング熱発生率が昨年から77パーセント急落したが、ドディーMatanguihan(BarangayアヤラAlabangの秘書)によれば、高級な、ゲートで制御されたコミュニティの確立されたケースの数は今年9月20日現在、2009〜53でほとんど28から二倍になりました。

“Our barangay is very expansive and there are houses which have swimming pools and fishponds that may have been unattended by owners,” he told the Inquirer.

“Our measures against dengue won’t matter if these pools are not (properly) maintained,” he added.

Neglected by owners

He added that some of the pools might have been left unattended by their owners who could have been out of town or overseas.

Compared to the eight other barangays in the city, Ayala Alabang has the highest number of cases, prompting the city’s top health official to launch an inquiry. The well-off village is about 699 hectares big.

“For us, the increase in dengue incidence is already alarming,” Matanguihan said. “But we cannot just barge into those houses which have unattended pools because we fear we could be sued for trespassing.”

But he said the barangay can invoke emergency powers to justify entry into houses with pools or ponds filled with stagnant water.

In a separate interview, city health chief Dr. Edilinda Patac said she immediately formed an investigation team to look into the matter.
別々のインタビューにおいて、Edilinda Patac都市健康チーフ博士は、彼女が問題を調べるためにすぐに調査チームをつくると言いました。

She confirmed having heard about reports on the unattended pools which could have been a breeding ground for dengue-carrying mosquitoes.

Abandoned houses

“As our standard practice, we have dispatched teams of investigators not only (in Ayala Alabang Village), but also in the other barangays to verify the incidence of dengue in their areas,” Patac said.

Ayala Alabang Village manager Ramon Fernandez confirmed that there were indeed houses with pools in Ayala Alabang which have been abandoned for various reasons.

But he pointed out that these select pieces of property?some foreclosed by banks or abandoned by heirs of deceased owners?are being monitored and taken care of.

In a phone interview, Fernandez said he did not know about the story of unattended pools possibly now serving as breeding ground of mosquitoes, but pointed out that the village homeowners association had been aggressive in its campaign against the disease.

“I don’t have any information on that,” he said over the phone. “But there are houses with no owners which are now being identified by the organization through an inventory.”

Confirmed cases

The city health office has recorded 230 confirmed dengue cases in Muntinlupa from January to Sept. 20.

What puzzled Patac was the sudden jump in the number of cases this month from the 94 incidents tallied by the end of August.

According to data from the city health office, Ayala Alabang continued to post double-digit number of confirmed cases in the third quarter of the year, while incidence of the dengue in other barangays have started to drop this month.

Of the nine barangays, Ayala Alabang is situated in an elevated area, compared to others which have creeks or waterways where mosquitoes thrive.

Overall, Muntinlupa continues to be the least affected among cities in Metro Manila, Patac explained, crediting this to the efforts of the city government to keep their locality as clean as possible.

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