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November 10, 2006

Mimi, the Mom of 3 kids.

Mimi was a little wander cat in my neighborhood, she came to my door for the food everyday, so we decided to keep her. She became our third cat.

Mimi's sooooooooooooo cute!!!

Half a year later, she was pregnant!!! We couldn't believe that! OMG, she's just a little kitty, and it's so unbelievable!!!

Who's the DADDY???

mimi & momo
Momo said, "I'll take good care of her, don't worry!"

It was too complicated for me.
I thought to myself, I didn't want too many cats in my house, so "3" is the biggest number of my cats.

We know there're too many strays cats or kittens in Taiwan.
So I strongly thought Mimi should have an abortion.
We asked the vet, he said it's available, and it must be quick.

I felt something's not right, it's really a weird feeling.

At this time, here came a little monster!!!
old pic of Cici
His story is here...

And he slept on my PowerBook!!!
Ci-Ci & PB
I couldn't ignore this poor boy, I should take good care of him.

And then, I started to realize one thing...

If I treat this abandoned boy this good,
WHY must I treat my lovely Mimi that CRUEL!!!

So, we're truly happy to see this become a reality.
Moms make the best pillows!

Finally, we had three adorable, sweet, tiny, lovely BOYS!!! OMG!!!
We named them as "Tson","Yo", and "Bing", these are the Chinese "小蔥","小油", and "小餅" in English. I've never been so happy in my entire life! :)

Mimi's zzzzzzz....
Mimi is really a great mom.


Mimi IGP7661

Mimi IGP1238

mimi IGP4979

Mimi IMGP7834

Mimi IMGP7813
Mimi is our precious baby! :)

Cici, if you didn't come to my house, all of these wouldn't happen.
Because of you,
3 kittens had been saved, Mimi became a mother, and you saved me too.
Cici IMGP6750
you're such an angel.

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