I always thought that as long as I spare no effort towards that direction to move, one day I can get what I want; I always think that if I do not give up, hong kong company register not abandoned, you will change one day of my choice. But the fact that I was too naive, like the story of O Henry will not have a complete ending, you do regression can never more than my compromise.

You always say I have no obedience and well behaved like that before, but I don't think you know that I began to learn to be strong and free and easy, in fact, I think you have no tolerance and love of the past; you always want me back to childhood innocence and pleasure, but we do not return to the past registration of company in Hong Kong, in fact, I am longing for childhood with more than anyone, and the simple.

When I begin to think you have slowly accepted my idea, I really feel very surprise, but I don't think you accept negative refusal; when I was beginning to think you really is the one for me, my heart is warm, but I never expected you to me after the indifference and punishment.

You are selfish -- you just help me decide the future, also highfalutin as "love me, I do not want to suffer" banner everywhere preaching, finally, you only need to put this next to me, said: "you have a bright future." I was selfish -- I spared no one's feelings, whatever how confusion and embarrassment, a lot of only thinking about how to pursue what I want, then, even if I had wronged, I just want to say: "all right, not afraid of the pain of youth."

You never did I want to, Business Registry Hong Kong just know this thing to me; I never fear after the fruit is not serious, only know that this thing can not do a layer of foundation for my dream.