Night, all the sadness of life. Half the city misty rain, eventually arrived but the years away. Lonely neon, such as thin cool. A figure who awake complex fuzzy, like broken kites, as a virtual, who accompanied the midnight, quarrel, who stumbledStorage for toys, those warm Yan City, deeply shallow rub it into my dream. Remember to warm, such as the cool color seven, ringing in the depths of flow time. Pour a cup of wine to drink as much as fleeting thoughts, the vicissitudes of life, sing while drinking, smile millennium. Road side, sad loneliness, at the end of days you where?

Love heart Weiyang, confused, you see the love. Sansheng stone river, the other side of the flowers, is ultimately miss the flowering; wait for thousands of years, perhaps I am not pious, let a love in the wind. From your day, the world; from Jun dayotter box iphone case, lovesick. Leaves fall with the wind, flowers with tears rain, origin millennium, I wish life for you to open a water lotus. If meet time, was glad to sleep. Fingertip flower, a tree enchanting. Will miss twist into a boat a boat, drifting down the river, and to the king. Fantasy on your side, a spring, a green mountain, water, shake Shilu leisurely. Shuiyun, Italy roam, Xiangxie together, sing, Jun heart leisurely, concubine spread. Flowers stand on spatio-temporal side, waiting for the other side of the osteoclast ecstasy

The clouds in the mountains in the day, a mirage, insubstantial objects Bo River, how wanted to return, but in the world of mortals, people have changed, you lose yourself. The old Sheng Xiao blow off to road, a neon dance as ancient sorrow, I use a finger to youth, but not for your dark coloured glaze, take an oath devoutly as yesterday, it was gone, we only use a bloom time, turn around, and become a stranger. Away from the sky, when you look back, the more disturbing, the well. Who is so bad, drunk in hundred thousand red? Who is cruel to forget, to ten the contractfashion men clothing wholesale? A clear tears, Montreal hurt. The bleak autumn, boundless. The wind, feeling misty, heartbeat, tears whirling.

I have filled in the fingers around midnight, a sadness. Perhaps, my love, too selfish? Even I myself have not knowing why it is so selfish. My heart inside the city, only the one next to you, and your heart city, butterflies and bees fly. Leave you, I would not, I have to. Please forgive me too demanding perfection, full of tenderness and eventually Fu paper, desire language a thousand words tears are difficult to collect. Only if the first sign of life, what autumn wind sad picture fan. I was still me, but you changed. The world is going, not to force, the world of mortals, remembering the acacia, ink stained the fleeting time. If not wants not to read, where resentment? How to live?

The night, the soul tempted again, Yichuang Mochizuki, feeling of sadness and broken, the memory in the fingertip, those from the past, or that are still clear. Red tears, heart has become a gray. Boil a pot of Acacia, a cup of bubble departure, drink a regret. And this means, you do not know. Overall, the river without shame. I used to love, a place that I lit the fireworks, the red song sing, a fragrant vests for Yang Jun. Under the moonlight, drifting sand in hand, go alone.

Love is like a bay sand, cold my fingers youth. Casual line, I quietly turned, and lost my life. Qin Yao strum, hair cream, sad as I am, as helpless as I. Next time, with my tears again for your painting, portrait sway. The lights dim, can you remember the world confidante?