Cut a piece of fleeting time, holding a way of warm, the most dull day carding poetic landscape, painting a picture with Fu Fanghua, spill red charming fragrance, the limpid time engraved Cheng Shaohua's eternal life, ask a fragrance, listening to the horizon at the end of Mei, the most luxurious a simple frame into the years melody Veda Salon.

Time is like a sanding the angular Jie Ao, is more like a soul to dominate, a little nibbled at once, a little change with it, until one day to discover and once that he is so lose one's beyond recognition, only know the growth of the price, or the life of frustration, once then fling caution to the winds to fling caution to the winds, but now need to fling caution to the winds to attend to everything, illusory free exchange is standing lonely and melancholy, confined to a prison, a choking in the throat of chewing, thin taste, deep aftertasteManaged Firewall.

Have been longing for, in the deep red solid hold their commitment to life, to meet a half years ecstasy, drunk in the endless hours of happiness, kiss on the lips, out of one of the most magnificent turn in the rough road, I don't expect I very happy, but I want to let yourself closer to the happiness, I also can be rendered very indifferent, I do not pray for me very happy, just want to let the taste of the sun filled, so that I can depict the colorfulwomen t-shirt.

The invisible heart strong, can truly see the eyes vulnerable, a lot of feelings linger in the mind but with eyes on that, in those bleak moment, feel weak weak, Ren eyes close, it is so difficult to repair, many times those Timax empty thoughts will be trapped in the the dark corner, in a panic of the moment, suddenly aroused heart ripples, is just a blink of an eye but is so ingrained in the innumerable twists and turns, enough to you or I, soaking in the years of day and night, another strong reason is that cannot stand, to the heart of the moment that driven to distraction.

In a sense, in essence I or so on one's uppers, barren no human habitation, clean spotlessly clean, not deliberately to think of anything, did not dare to try to remember too much, afraid of their own as a careless will not find the soul of the attachment, afraid of walking in the empty night sitting down you can't find a reason to let yourself up, afraid of their own in every happy road because of fear and never get off, I'm not in front of people showing my weakness, also in the endless journey, in order to find your true self, and attempted to characterize the time, therefore, I as in the past is that true, no cover, no frills.

Time wore a harshness coat, let me shiver all over though not cold, has never been so afraid of, inter trance days give me a feeling of panic, reality and give me those who act with confusion helpless, terrified mess face cover all at one glance, something intended to seize on the road in life, exhausted the strength to hold, not to let go, maybe I thought to keep those happy years I would like to retain, but even so still keep tiny bit, or why they did not cut off all means of retreat to their posterior, why is that like moths to a self cocoons, with emotion deeply indulged some discontent, that seems to be regarded as hopeless. like past hope my isolation in this world, misty eyes still can not in the deep earth to find their own happiness, happiness is no loop.

A kind of unspeakable grief and calm, not clear to get those feelings enough to tear, and repeat the same situation in and never sought reason, Enron to accept those wanted and unwanted, and then their own tears in the ordinary sensation, or chewing those difficult pharynx bitter, not to insist on will be some story to arrange, not in the persistence of some illusory pursuit, perhaps because of the youth. Let me in such a youth edge to be realized, perhaps with some body not from F helplessness.