☆ はるかに遠・大なるものは反(返)ります。 ―― 極(至)大に難解なるものはやさしい〔易しい:simple〕のです。  これが、黄老(老子)思想の真髄です!


*10章: 玄徳  ―― これが、神秘の「徳〔ちから〕」とよばれる

*This is called the Mysterious Power.(A.Waley adj. p.153 ) 

*Such is called the mysterious virtue. (D.C.Lau adj. p.14 )

◎ 【道可道、非常道。 名可名、非常名。】

*The Way that can be told of is not an Unvarying way;The names that can be named are not unvarying names.


◎ 【此両者同出而異名。同謂之玄。 玄之又玄、衆妙之門。】

* These two things issued from the same mould, but nevertheless are different in name. This ‘same mould’ we can but call the Mystery, Or rather the ‘Darker than any Mystery’. The Doorway whence issued all Secret Essences. (A.Waley adj. p.141)

* These two are the same. But diverge in name as they issue forth. Bing the same they are called mysteries,Mystery upon mystery − The gateway of the manifold secrets. (D.C.Lau adj. p.6)

* As development takes place, it receives the different names. ――― But in their origin are one and the same.  (Kitamura adj. p.7)

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