December 26, 2006

see you again

This year will end soon, so i want to finish this blog as well.
Thank you so much for my friends who gave me comments!!


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October 02, 2006


I've started to research literature for my thesis paper. Since I came back from Nanaimo, I did not study at all. Actually I didnt feel like being engaged in my thesis paper probably because I left Canada. That's all. However, I am planning to visit Nanaimo on 19th of October! I will visit Alert Bay and will do some survey there. It will be a lot of fun and exciting trip.

I've started to move on.


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August 20, 2006


Yeah!! I may go back to Nanaimo in October to do survey for my thesis paper. I hope that i can stay in Alert Bay for a few days or one week and visit people in Nanaimo. Hope to see my friends there again!!!!

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June 03, 2006


June 3rd. SAT.

12:00-- Recruit NAVI LIVE @ UMEDA
13:30-- Part Time Job @ Shin Osaka
19:00-- Going Home

I haven't updated this blog because I start to forget English, hahaha.
Seriously it is a problem coz obviously i cannot type English as quickly as I was doing in Canada.

Anyways, today I went to Umeda first to join the event hosted by the Recruite Navi, which is one of the biggest out-sourcing companies in Japan. I met a guy from the same university as mine and he told me that he got a job in the Recruit Navi. Ohh, i also need to find a job so thats why i was there....haha

The next schedule was a part time job in Shin-Osaka. It's only a two-day-job, in which I just need to take some exams for the company. I will get 880 YEN per one hour. I worked for 8 hours for two days, so the amount that i will eran is not too bad.

Now im at home, im supposed to write two pieces of Entry Sheet to apply for the companies in the tourism industry. These two companies will be the last chance for me. Now that I think that these papers are so important, I haven't written down yet. If these papers are not accepted, there will be no chance left to work in the tourism industry.

I am applying for many industries now and i cannot think what kind of jobs are suited for me.
What do i wanna do in the futuer?

"Do i just want to use English in a job?"
"Do i want to go abroad for business?"
"Do i want to stay in Kansai area? How much money do i want to earn?
What kind of working conditions do i hope? and so on..."

There are many good companies including large, middle or small sizes...there are too many options around me. It's so hard to find "the one". Even if I really hope to get " the one", the companies often do not want to accept me.
Then what can I do? Who knows.

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May 21, 2006

These days

I added FOGMA! Actually I have no idea what it is! It's just for fun, haha.
These days I have been engaged in job hunting and it doesnt go well so far yet. I took some interviews and seemed to have failed in all of them.
Life is not always going well as you expect.

By the way, last night i was almost dead because i laughed too much.
Last night my parents went out to drink and both of them came home late at night. They were so drunk and my father slept in the entrance hall. My dog was so ignorant and totally didnt care about him. My mother and brother helped my father go up stairs and dragged him by seizing his shirt. Then, he almost choked and was coughing so hard. hahaha

My family is so funny. I love them.

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May 03, 2006


db42fad7.jpgI haven't touched this blog for a long time because I had been so busy in packing stuff to go back to Japan. Now I am in Kyoto. Then, I need to tell what i am doing now...

1) Go back to school
I go back to school and just start some classes. I am taking two classes for Masters, and two ENG's classes. I just went to two days but it is very fun! I love school i guess. I met some friends whom I hadn't met while I was in Canada. I hadn't met some of them for two years! It's been a long time.

2) Job hunting
Umm this is hard,...actually I just started to go to some seminars of companies. Now I don't feel like getting a job because i only focus on the tourism industry. I belive that this is the best suited for me, however, just in case it seems that I need to apply for other industries as well.

3) Looking for a part time job
Hopefully I can get a part time job first, otherwise, i don't have money to do job hunting...!Holy crap...even a part time job is hard to get. Next week I will have an interview for a waitress in a hotel in Kyoto. I hope that I will have a chance to practice English there because Kyoto has a lot of tourists from over the world. Actually I dont have much energy to work as a waitress anymore so i wanna do 事務職なんですけど。もう若くないし、そんな。


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April 14, 2006

Saying thanks and good bye...

1ed8e82b.jpgToday I met Robyn and her daughter in the country club's mall.
I wanted to meet her before I leave Canada. I met her in First Nations class last semester, and she and I often had next seats together. I will not have a long time here so I asked her to take a pic with me. Then, she all the way came to the mall to meet me.

We had a conversation for around 40 minuites, and I said thank you to her. She gave me a ride to home. Her baby was sooo cute. She was interested in my cell phone, and played with it. When I arrived at home, she said,

"See you on online!!"

I didn't feel like this will be the last time when I see her. I was not sad. Actually these days I asked some poeple to take a picture, but i still dont feel like this is the last time in my life....Maybe not, I should come back here again to see those people!

Pic: Sunrise in the Bay Street

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April 12, 2006

School is almost done

The classes were over on this MONDAY. I don't feel like school is over because I still have 2 more papers and 3 final exams. One of the assignment's due day is April 26th, which is after I leave Canada. So I feel sorry about Lily but we need to get the report done as soon as possible.

What I learned from the classes in Tourism Studies Diploma & First Nations Studies...
1. The knowledge about wonderful leisure and tourism industries
2. Friendship with Japanese classmates, Canadians, First Nations and other international students
3. Communication skills
4. Leadership skills
5. Tough spirits
6. Positive thinking and Optimistic
7. First Nations' culture and relationships with them
8. Importance of time management skills
9. The passion and enthusiusm toward other culture
10. Open mind

3 and half semesters in Malaspina will be the precious experience in my life.
Thank you for giving me these opportunities!

Pic: Carolyn, Megumi, Maddy and me in the class room

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April 06, 2006


61264740.jpgThesedays My job hunting does not go well. Actually it was not good from the beginning. I did not pay much attention to the basic thing, identifying who i am by going back to my history, and considering what kind of personality I have.

When I am thinking about myself, I realized some contradict points.
The most important thing in my life is to admire the nature from the perspective of environmentalism. However, in order to live and return my student loans, the status or a certain amount of salary become the criteria in choosing what kind of jobs that I want to get.

I really admire the notion that the First Nations people in Canada have. They conserve the nature, the nature is mother land, and no body owns the land. They just borrow the natural resources so that the next generation also benefit from mother land. They do not persist on cash, status, or reputation. They distribute their profit to people in the lower class so that everyone becomes equal. They live in more spiritual world.

That's not gonna happen in Japan. The society in Japan is competitive. Cash, status, reputation, materialism, possession, ownership...those kind of things are necessary to fulfill people's want. Self-satisfaction comes from the extrinsic forces not from the intrinsic motivation such as self-actualization or self-esteem....oh im talkinglike in philosohical leisure's class.

Now I need to go back to the right track. The life is always hard, filled with contradictions. Things do not go well as we expect.

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April 04, 2006

April just started and summer time, too... 22 more days

8296504b.bmpTime flies....
I haven't written this blog for a long time. Now that this is the last one month when I will spend in Canada, I want to use time wisely.
However, these two days I just stayed at home by myself. I needed to finish my assignments but didn't go well. Sigh...

Ahh, what can I do for the rest of the days in Canada?
This time I have different feelings from those i had last winter.
I really did not want to go home on December last year when I was supposed to go home. At that time I asked my mother on the phone whether I could extend the staying period here. Then, she said "NO". I was so shocked and cried. I dunno why but I really wanted to stay in Canada. Probably I haven't done much to acheive goals which I had longed for. I persuaded her and finally my mother allowed me to stay here. I threw away the returning airplane ticket. It was the biggest decision that I have done ever. I felt really sorry for my parents because they had to do extra financial support.

On April 25th I will go back to Japan. This time, I have different feelings. Of course I still do not want to go back to Japan but I AM READY TO GO because I know that my family and friends are waiting for me. I've started to miss them. Also, I know that I have many things to do in Japan such as graduating a school, job hunting...and so on.

It's too early to say good bye to Canada but now I want to leave a message.
I just wanna say thank you to all the people that I have ever met here before. You guys supported me so much. Without you I could not obtain the satisfying life here. I will have fun with you guys for the rest of 22 more days!!

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