September 24, 2007

My Birthday

51510077.gifIt's my Birthday today!
HappyBirthday to ME♪♪♪
In the afternoon, Kano, my husband and I went to "Puppet Show".
It's an English show for kids.
It was funny and powerfull!!!
We enjoyed it very much.
After that, we went shopping.
My husband bought cheesecake for me.It was nice!
We also went out for dinner.
We went to the restaurant located along the coast.
We had a very good time.

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September 21, 2007


36f97f82.gifI went to the dentist because I have a serious cavity.
2years ago, my right back tooth was cracked.
At that time I was surprised but it wasn't hurt.
I've been very very busy and that's why I couldn't go to the dentist.
Recently my right back tooth feels sore.
I know I have to pull it out.
I'm really scared!!!!!!

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September 20, 2007

Next weekend

57000f2f.jpgI'm going to go camping with my friends
next weekend.We are going to stay at
Akashi Boy's nature house.
I went over there to check the facilities.
We can make our dinner outside.
We'll try to boil the rice using dixie and make curry with the kids.
We are really looking forward to going camping!!!!

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September 17, 2007


c5b1f2f3.jpgKano, my husband and I went to "Sasayama Children's Museum."
It used a school building which was closed.
We can try some crafts and play at the play ground.
Kano tried to make big bubbles using a special tool.
But it was difficult to make big one because it was windy.

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September 14, 2007


3a1692a0.jpgI made a small hammock to hold Kano's stuffed animals.
I fixed it on the wall.
Kano loves it very much.
She's willingly to put her stuffed animals away.
It's good for us!!

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September 03, 2007

Color therapy

f9e18be6.jpgToday my friend from high school came to my house.
Her name is Aya.
She is an English teacher for kids, like me.
Kano loves to play with her in English.
Aya showed me a book about color therapy.
According to the book, the color we are wearing or possessing
effcts our emotions.
If I wear something red, it will make me active.
Orange makes us cheerful.
On the contrary, black makes us dull.
We all have a lucky color. It depends on our blood type or holoscope.
For example, typeO's lucky color is red.
Actually kano, my husband and I all are typeO.

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August 28, 2007


596cbf71.jpgKano had some cavities.
So I took her to the dentist today.
During the treatment, Kano seemed to be crying.
But she endured it.
If she had brushed her teeth properly,
she wouldn't have had bad teeth.

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August 06, 2007


f3efb113.JPGWe usually go to see parent in-laws once a month.
But we've been very busy.
Today we went to see them after an interval of 2months.
Kano missed them very much. So she was happy to see them.
Kano helped Grand-ma to make GYOZA for dinner.
She loved to eat food she made.

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August 05, 2007

Ninjya town

3f33dfd8.JPGWe went Iga Ueno Ninjya museum.
We watched a Ninjya demonstration.
It was funny.
They also showed us the Ninjya style house
which has a lot of tricks.

We took a braid class at the braid center.
We used a special stand to make braids.(See the image)
We made a braid bracelet. We had fun.

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August 04, 2007

In Nara

c0c5483b.JPGWe went to Nara for one night trip with my family.
We went to the pool and played with water.
Kano can swim with floater.
After dinner, we did fireworks.
Kano held a stick of firework by herself for the first time.
After that we went to Karaoke.
Kano sang songs a lot. She is a good singer.

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