【English】【Speech Training[3]】My specific person.

●Question(The theme I was given to make a speech in English.)
Choose an important person and explain why he or she is important for you. Please give specific examples and details in your answer.

●Answer(The sentence I made.)

The person whom is most important to me and I most respect is my wife.

The reason why I think so is because she deeply understands me and my thoughts. That always cheers me.

A good example is when I was wondering whether I would change my job about three years ago.
The company I would join was very new and smaller than the one I was previously working for.
She was working for the same company at the time, and she knew how highly I was praised there.

Ordinarily, in such a situation, she might be against my changing jobs, but she understood why I wanted to change my job and cheered me on. With her support, I decided to change jobs then.

As a result, I’ve succeeded in my current company and got a promotion.

Without her assistance, I couldn't change my job, or failed to make success in this field.

For these reasons, I deeply trust and admire her.
I'm glad we're married.

【English】【SpeechTraining[2]】Will society ever be free of gender bias?

I've been practicing making speeches in English to improve my English skills.
I find the appropriate theme for each speech and make sentences that are for or against the topic.

※ These sentences are not always same as my opinion.

Today's theme and speech is below.

● Topic

Will society ever be free of gender bias?

● Original Speech

I would like to talk about the topic "Will the society be free of gender bias?"
My answer to this question is "Yes", and I will tell you the reasons why I think so.

Firstly, the society, especially in developed countries, has changed to approve of female's right.
For example, the Equal Employment Opportunity law was enforced in Japan about 20 years ago, and lots of companies have taken measures for employees who have children.

Secondly, the people's minds have changed.
Until recently, the majority opinion was that males should work and females should bring up children at home.
However, a lot of fathers participate in bringing up their children and doing housework, on the other hand, a lot of mothers work after they have children.

I think these trends will increase in the future and will not decrease.
As a result, gender bias will be dismissed from society someday.

Because of these reasons, I think that the society will be of free of gender bias.

【English】【SpeechTraining[1]】Are senior citizens discriminated against in today's society?

I would like to practice to improve my English speaking skills by writing speech, presentation, and so on.
I'll find appropriate theme for speech and write my opinion and the reason why I think so.

The first speech sentence is below.

● Topic

Are senior citizens discriminated against in today's society?

● Original Speech

I would like to talk about topic "Are the senior citizens dicriminated against in today's society?"
My answer to this question is "No". I don't think that senior citizens are discriminated.
Let me show you the reasons why I think so.

Firstly, Japanese does not discriminate the senior people, on the contrary they run a lot of policies that takes care of them.
One of the examples is health care. The elderly people have to pay for medical treatment less than younger people have to.
Japanese health care system is generous to senior people.

Secondly, senior people can enjoy "senior person discount".
Senior people can ride buses and subways at a half price of younger people.
Also, there are so called "silver pass" for a variety of services such as transportaion discount, and so on.

Thirdly, companies provide a lot of products and servieces for senior citizens because the population of senior people is increasing and they have time and money.
They don't discriminate and ignore the elderly people.

From these reasons, I believe that sinior citizens are not discriminated against in today's society.
Japanese society protects and takes care of them.
Thank you very much for your attention.
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