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We also export Japan’s limited version To any company interested.
株式会社アプルーブ 東京都中野区でゴルフショップをしています。
東洋大学 法学部 法律学科 & 体育会ゴルフ部卒業

ブラックピエロ&ドック CAMERON MOTO GoLo5 キャメロン MOTO


MOTOとは Made Only To Order の略 


クロマティックブロンズフィニッシュ with ディープブラックアルマイト処理フェース-ソールコアプレート


20g円形ヒール・アンド・トウ ウエイト

ブラックレザー ピッターズ グリップ

文字部に金メッキが施されたミルドアルミニウム シャフトリング





町のゴルフ屋さん ごるタロウです。






新年は1月10日 10時より営業開始となります。



Have a great new year!

Loft: 56°
Grind: Custom C-Notch Grind with Perimeter Chamfer
Finish: Satin Brushed
Metal: 8620 Carbon Steel
Designer: Brett Viboch
Wedge Shape: Brett Viboch
Wedge Graphics: Cameron Day/Brett Viboch
Machinist: Matt Johnson
*100% Milled Body, sole smoothing by Luis Hernandez



Loft: 57o
Grind: Polyhedral grind
Finish: Raw
Metal: S25C Japan Forged

Stampings (significance): The finish that is married to the raw head is a torrid immersion oxidation. It is a custom finish that penetrates into the metal and supports the forging and grinds produced by our master craftsmen.

Designer/Grinder: Masahiro Nakanishi (original one designed by Carlton Masui) but this version, grinder is Masahiro Nakanishi.

Other Details: This is not your typical run of the mill sand wedge. Everything about the club is performance oriented, from the forging process it’s made from to it’s pronounced sole grind and head shape. Looking over the wedge and the most prominent feature is the impressive sole grind. The combination of heel, toe, and trailing edge relief allow for the club to lay flat on the ground even if the face is wide open. Also, the CNC milled channel cut into the sole allows the club to play with minimal bounce when square but still keeps the full width of the sole intact for times when more bounce is needed.



Purpose: Full Design Capability with Standard Metal
Loft: 54°
Grind: K-Notch Grind
Finish: 2K Weld Torch Flamed
Metal: 303 Stainless Steel
Designer/Grinder: Brett Viboch
Wedge shape: Doug Roberts
Wedge Graphics: Cameron Day/Bret Viboch
Machinist: Matt Johnson
*100% Milled Body, sole smoothing by Luis Hernandez


Loft: 56°
Grind: The wedge was given a C-Grind and a pre-worn leading edge for maximum playability. This enables the user to have limitless options as to the shots they can create.
Finish: The wedge was given a torch blue finish. This finish has tremendous character and great depth of color while maintaining the softness of feel only an un-chromed wedge can attain.
Metal: Forged from soft carbon steel with Miura’s industry best proprietary forging process.
Stampings: The stampings commemorate the recently formed partnership between Cool Clubs (Scottsdale, AZ) and New York Golf Center (NY, NY).

Designer/Grinder: Co-Designed by Joshua Chervokas (New York Golf Center) and Aaron Valdez (Cool Clubs) and Ground, Torched, Stamped and Filled By Valdez at Cool Clubs state of the art facility in Scottsdale, this Miura wedge is truly a collaboration between two industry heavyweights.

Other Details: This is a heavy raw finished wedge made to enable custom grinds to be added while still maintaining the desired finished head weight.

You will see the AZ stamp is paint filled in the Arizona state Flag colors and the NY stamp is paint filled in the NY state Flag colors. The dots are a nod to the old map makers marks for the route between locations. On this route you will see that interstate I40 is leaving Arizona and interstate I78 is leaving NY just like it would if you were taking the road trip across our great nation.

This wedge is just a small sample of the custom capabilities, technical knowledge and attention to detail that is produced by these shops every day.