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令和元年 2019年10月16日日午後8時NHKニュース


And North Korea's state media have criticized the United States for continuing to impose economic sanctions.

令和元年 2019年10月16日日午後2時NHKニュース


And the US House of Representatives has passed a bill to support human rights and democracy in Hong Kong.

令和元年 2019年10月15日日午後8時NHKニュース


And prefectures affected by rhe storm are offering assistance in a number of languages to foreign residents and tourists.

令和元年 2019年10月15日日午後2時NHKニュース


Tens of thousands of people are still without power or water supplies after the typhoon.

令和元年 2019年10月14日日午後8時NHKニュース


And South Korean Justice Minister Cho Kuk has announced he is stepping down from his post amid allegations of various crimes and misdeeds.

令和元年 2019年10月14日日午後2時NHKニュース



And Saudi Arabia's Minister of State for Foreign Affairs says his country was not behind a suspected strike last week against an Iranian-owned oil tanker in the Red Sea.

令和元年 2019年10月13日日午後8時NHKニュース


And the organizers of the Rugby World Cup in Japan have announced that the stage pool match between Japan and Scotland will take place as scheduled on Sunday.

令和元年 2019年10月12日土曜日午後2時NHKニュース


And Japan and South Korea have held their first meeting about a trade dispute under the framework of the World Trade Organization. 

令和元年 2019年10月11日金曜日午後8時NHKニュース


And South Korea's government has pledged to do all it can to make the country's industries more competitive and reduce their dependence on imported parts and materials.

令和元年 2019年10月11日金曜日午後2時NHKニュース


And Nissan Motor has expressed a sense of crisis about the possible impact of export tariffs if Britain leaves the European Union without reaching a deal.

令和元年 2019年10月10日木曜日午後8時NHKニュース


And Japanese scientist Akira Yoshino, one of the three winners of the 2019 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, says he has been surprised by the enormous reaction to the news of the award.

令和元年 2019年10月10日木曜日午後2時NHKニュース


And Typhoon Hagibis could make landfall in eastern Japan on Saturday, bringing gale force winds and heavy rains over a wide area.

令和元年 2019年10月9日水曜日午後8時NHKニュース


And diplomats from Japan, the United States and South Korea reaffirmed the importance of cooperation in working toward the denuclearization of North Korea.

令和元年 2019年10月9日水曜日午後2時NHKニュース


And Prime Minister Shinzo Abe plans to meet dignitaries from about 50 countries who will come to Japan to attend a ceremony to announce Emperor Naruhito's accession to the throne.

令和元年 2019年10月8日火曜日午後8時NHKニュース


And the Hong Kong Chief Executive has once again criticized protesters in the territory for acts of violence and vandalism as protests continue.

令和元年 2019年10月8日火曜日午後2時NHKニュース


And Japan and the US have signed a bilateral trade pact.

令和元年 2019年10月7日月曜日午後8時NHKニュース


And North Korea's chief negotiator, Kim Myong Gil, has expressed doubt over the continuation of talks with the U.S. on the North's denuclearization.

令和元年 2019年10月7日月曜日午後2時NHKニュース


And North Korea's chief negotiator, Kim Myong Gil, has expressed doubt over the continuation of talks with the United States on the North's denuclearization.

令和元年 2019年10月6日日曜日午後2時NHKニュース


And the European Union has informed the Japanese government that it will likely ease import restrictions on Japanese food products before the end of the year.

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