Day 5: Good-bye to Hawaii

We are leaving Hawaii now.
We enjoyed stay in Hawaii.
I don't want to go back to Japan.
But I must go...


Day 4: In Honolulu

Today we went KCC Farmers' Market, which is held every Saturday.
There were many fresh vegetables, fruits and flowers.
More than that, many processed products like honey, dry fruits and the rest was sold.

We ate shaved ice which is like Japanese KAKI-GORI.
It had a color of rainbow.
Very very sweet.


Day 3: Moved to Honolulu

We moved to Honolulu from Kona.
Our room of the hotel has great ocean view!

I ate a spam musubi.
It tasted good.
I want to cook this Hawaiian food when I return to Japan.


Day 2: In Big-Island

b1a8976f.jpgToday's morning we saw the sun rising at Mauna Kea's top.
It was very beautiful and impressive scene.
I was moved very much.

Before sunrise, we saw the stars too.
There were so many many stars.
I've never seen such many stars!


Long Time No See!

Hi, everyone! How are you?
I and Shiho are now in Hawaii.
We spend on summer vacation here.
Only five days, but we hope to enjoy this trip.
Today we are going to see stars and sunrise!!
I Can't Wait!

けん と しほ
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