2nd WAVE

Due to deep work immersion at Lawson I almost forgot that yesterday, for the second time, I would be a part of a team that would inspire senior college students to join Fujita Group Inc. someday.

Though it’s a bit sad to see that only a few took an interest to know the company at least I saw in the eyes of the participants the spark of interest in becoming one of us next year. I was also happy to know that there’s somehow a little improvement in my comprehension skills as I was listening to the company’s history and future endeavors. Though it’s still somehow vague I am sure it will clear up someday. 
      Kudos team for a job well done!


God must have plenty of angels in heaven that he always lends me one whenever I need it.

I woke up today feeling a bit under the weather. My muscles ached so much, my head felt heavy and my eyes were quite sore. If I checked my core body temperature it would surely be above normal. I almost skipped today's work but I chose not to since I thought I will be okay. But as the day progresses it got worse and anyone who knew me could decipher easily that I am not my usual self.

A friend of mine swung by Lawson today to shop some food and the moment she saw me she knew instantly that something was wrong with me. She offered to take me to a famous physician in town to have my health checked but I refused since I know what I have now is just a common cold or a product of musculoskeletal adaptation to the nature of my work. Then she left after expressing her well wishes for me. But to my surprise, she returned to Lawson bringing these fruits in the hopes of regaining my health faster. I was literally blown by her kindness.

To Sanai-san

I promise to savor these gifts and get back in shape to keep you from worrying. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!



I’m up for any wilderness activity and last Saturday was one hell of a ride to the top of the mountain. It’s actually my first time to trail up to the summit in a car without a guiding light from the sun. The road was serpentine-like and I got so dizzy but can’t sleep since the so-called trekking version 2.0 was very dangerous.

Though it was cloudy reaching the top was all worth it since I had the chance to see and experience how Japanese families and friends bond over a barbecue and beer under a beautiful night sky. Added bonus was the fact that I got a taste of one of the finest grilled dishes that I think was a baby back rib. It was mouth-watering. I was also entertained by the youngest mountaineer of the group. She was a classic entertainer and very kind hearted child since with everything she knows she tried to teach me Japanese.


So yeah on my 1st: good food+ great company+ free Japanese lesson= AWESOME CAMPOUT.

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