December 09, 2010

A essay about Otomo's work, "Freedom" and "Akira" part four

Akira Volume 5
Akira Volume 5
Although the extent of change was less than that of the other characters, Kaneda also changed in the movie. Even though Kaneda’s scene was only slightly defferent, it caused a big difference in the impression for the audience.
I felt that Kaneda changed too fast. He pulled his gun on Tetsuo too quickly.
He went to the trouble to rescue Tetsuo in the laboratory like as his protector, and next time they met, Kaneda fired a laser beam at Tetsuo without hesitation.
It was somehow weird that the gap between his protective feelings and his murderous intent was overly wide.
In the manga, he hesitated. He held the gun, but he couldn’t fire, Yamagata was killed by Tetsuo before his eyes and then he finally fired.
It was the same in the movie that he had murderous intent after Yamagata was killed. However, the audiences impression of Kaneda is different whether an episode like the above is shown or not.
Also, I read that Kaneda in the manga didn’t want to kill Tetsuo. Kaneda was saying he would kill Tetsuo and he seemed to imagine himself having the intension to kill. But, I think certainly what he wanted to do in fact was to hit Tetsuo, grab him by the collar and shout “What happened to you Tetsuo? /Why are you doing this? ”(どうしちまったんだ鉄雄オ!)
Also, I want to say one more thing about Tetsuo.
Both in the manga and in the anime, Tetsuo call Kaneda for help when he was metamorphosising.
In the movie, didn’t you think that it was really wishful thinking to call for help just after getting aggresive and behaving so outrageously? I thought so.
This is also another example of the impression for the audience being quite different although the event was basically the same.
During this same scene in the manga, my heart was touched when Tetsuo called out for Kaneda,. Just while Tetsuo's personality was blown away by his own power, a piece of his identity, which remained at the end, called out for Kaneda.
Showing the "dere" after staying "tsun" during five and a half volumes, I definitely regard this as the ultimate “tsundere!”

In the above, I described my dissatisfaction with the movie and the difference from the manga.
I'm sure you could understand that I love Akira and that’s the reason why I am so critical of the movie.
I like this manga so much. All of the elements of this manga are attractive.
The story, pictures, dialogue, gadgets, and especially characters are superb.
Not to mention the main characters like Kaneda and Tetsuo. Every suppoting character, like the colonel, lady Miyako, Kei, Kaori, Kai and Joker, are real and full of human-attraction.
Akira's story is grand.
It is an exciting Si-fi story in which psychic power, the government, army, the collapse of Neo-Tokyo and evolution of human beings develop to the limit of the screen and the page.
On this grand stage, however, the core of the story is a drama of Kaneda and Tetsuo.
It's an ultimate human drama in an extreme situation.

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