September 04, 2010

About the Kousetsu series

The Kousetsu series is a series of mystery books by Kyogoku Natuhiko, started with the first book "Kousetu Hakumonogatari". It currently consists of three main stories and there are two related stories,"Warau-Iemon(Laughing-Iemon)" and "Nozoki-Koheiji(Peeping-KOheiji)". The third novel in the series, Nochino- Kousetsu Hyakumonogatari, won the 130th Naoki Prize.
Two T.V drama a movie and a cartoon based on these stories were made.

The novels of Kousetsu series have not been translated into English, but the cartoon version Kousetsu was released in America under the title of "Requiem from the Darkness", so I hope that this site will be interested by the fans of the cartoon and help them.

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