September 25, 2010

TV drama "Kai"

京極夏彦 怪 DVD-BOX
京極夏彦 怪 DVD-BOX
TV drama "Kai"
TV drama "Kai"
This is a TV drama that was broadcasted on WOW WOW and directed by Sakai Nobuyuki. There are three stories from the Kosetsu series and a new story using the same characters and setting. Kyogoku Natsuhiko wrote the scripts for it himself.
Tanabe Seiichi played Mataichi and Sano Shiro played Momosuke. Sano Shiro is one of my favorite actors. Besides him, there are many good actors in this drama.
However, the story was awful. I couldn't believe that Kyogoku Natsuhiko wrote the script . 
Firstly, Mataichi and his accomplices in this drama are assassins who kill many villans in revenge for somebody, some what like "Hissatsu Shigotonin." (Hissatsu Shigotonin is a famous drama in Japan. The story is of some assassins killing villans for revenge. I liked the drama, but I don't like this poor copy of it.) Also the way they kill people is absurd and foolish. Mataichi radiates a beam from his finger and Ogin use her puppet's tooth as a weapon. I couldn't help but laughing when I saw the scene although the scene was meant to be serious.
Secondly, although Tanabe Seiichi is good looking, his acting isn't very good. He speaks slowly, so he doesn't seem to be a "Komatakuguri" whose job was to solve problems using his gift of the tongue. Also, Toyama Kyoko, who plays Ogin, appears to have no particular skill.
I wonder if this drama is meant to be a joke by Kyogoku Natsuhiko and the director Sakai Nombuyuki.
Kyogoku appears in this drama as a "Kyogokutei", a popular writer, and there are also some writers who are his friends, Myabe Miyuki, Aramata Hiroshi and Mizuki Shigeru.
In addition to this, there are many gags in this drama. For example, Momosuke asks a publisher to publish his novel titled "Ubume-no-natsu (Summer of Ubume)" and is refused. The title was the same as the first novel by Kyogoku Natsuhiko. In the fourth story, a man whose name is Tyuzenji and whose job is an exorcist appears and challenges Mataichi. He is a character from the Kyogokudo series.
I would have loved the jokes and gags very much, if only if it didn't harm the quality of the story.

I think, if you regard it as just a comedy, you might be able to enjoy it.
Tani Kei who plays Jihei, and Hino Shohei who plays Tokujiro, are both good in it. They are veterans. Momosuke, whom Sano Shiro plays, is not bad though the character is different from the one in the novel. Momosuke in this drama is not a person with emotional troubles. He doesn't consider himself a "good for nothing" and is strong as Mataichi. Mataichi and Momosuke are very friendly and they don't seem to have any problem with their difference in class status (although it was an important theme in the novel.)
You can see them relaxing and taking it easy. The most important thing is not to take the story too seriously.

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