Crazy Singapore Oil future Investor

Always look outside the box for your future, never look inside cause you will never be able to see what the future shall be

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Evening all, I just added more kris warrants and now i am deeply burnt by SDRL saga. Quite disappointed with the move by JF..He could have done more... Good night all Lennon

Sold off my Sembcorp Industries to subscribe to Kris energy warrants and also added shares to Seadrill. Many thoughts on Seadrill for the past 2 weeks. Seadrill Proposal The proposal is protective towards the company itself.Pushing back all bank lo

Happy new year 17! Time to strike. Just bought 2000 shares @ $1.385 , and KIT 10000 shares @0.475! Just watch and observe how the oil market will behave.
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Cheers Lennon

Again lots of OPEC disagreement, lead to sharp drop in prices.. Cheer Lennon

Raging BullS. Cheers Lennon

Just an update. Slowly recovering. Cheer Lennon

Hi all, Opec just agreed with cuts of oil production. They will go in detail on 30th November on the new Opec meeting. Just added 250 stocks of Seadrill at 1.92 Usd. Think it is a crazy decision of mine to add even more. But realised that my friend has

Hi all, This is the average down, as of today afternoon. Awaiting Opec discussion in Algeria. Made Profits in dividend and other stock counters: 12k+ Total Loss on commodities in 2015 : 18k+ Thanks all Lennon.

Buy 1) Sembcorp Marine 2000 shares @ $1.25 Averaging down all shares. Cheers Lennon
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