Crazy Singapore Oil future Investor

Always look outside the box for your future, never look inside cause you will never be able to see what the future shall be

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Hi All, Seadrill just did the reverse stock split and I am screwed. Interesting thing is happening in the oil market, just stay tuned. Cheers Lennon
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Hi all, 2018 is filled with correction and volatility, look at my charts! Fluctuation is great 10k-20k in matters of days. All the best Lennon

Oil is gaining momentum. Cheer Lennon

Happy new year! Cheer Lennon
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Hi all, This is getting interesting! Thank you Lennon
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The up and down momentum every week is about 5k on average....Start of Nov it hits 151k for the remaining balance and now is 141k...oil is volatile Best Regards Lennon
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Dear All, Political issue is arising and things looked to be changing as we are heading towards 2018.. Let us hope for the best Thumbs up! Rdgs Lennon
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Hi All, Long oil, SDRL is finished but i still stick to my game plan.. Cheers Lennon

Evening all, I just added more kris warrants and now i am deeply burnt by SDRL saga. Quite disappointed with the move by JF..He could have done more... Good night all Lennon

Sold off my Sembcorp Industries to subscribe to Kris energy warrants and also added shares to Seadrill. Many thoughts on Seadrill for the past 2 weeks. Seadrill Proposal The proposal is protective towards the company itself.Pushing back all bank lo