I participated "try! Swift Tokyo 2017" on 3rd and 4th.
That's a conference about Swift. Swift is the newest programming language.
It was a really very exciting and interesting for me! 


I was able to talk to excellent engineer who is developing superior apps in my field of interest.
I want to develop apps for artists and art fans.
 So I always think about that. What kind of apps should I make?

I'm a beginner and there are many things I do not understand, but this opportunity has been a wonderful experience for me!

And, I also participated in the Hackathon for the first time.
Our team made apps for learning on programing for the elderly.
The team I joined was selected as one of 10 teams of the winning candidates!
Finally, we could not win, but it was a wonderful experience.

The leader who made the team and the members were wonderful people.
Thanks to them, I got a wonderful experience and I learned a lot. 

I'm grateful to everyone who gave me this wonderful opportunity.
I will grow more and want to participate in this conference again next year!