Japanese opinion is divided on whether restarting nuclear power plants.
The matter is whether we restart nuclear power plants which were recognized safety for the moment, apart from whether we seek non nuclear power in the future.

◆ Effort for power supply
As precondition, power companies should seek to minimize price up and to stabilize power supply by diversification of LNG and oil procurement routes with cost down.
And as long term stance, the Government should divide power companies into generators and distributers for competition principle and introduce DC high voltage power transmission method, East-West unity of frequency and New energy.
Despite these efforts, if decisive power shortage is expected and restarting nuclear power plants is required, we should seek how we keep safety for it.

◆ Condition for safety of nuclear power plants
Most of Japanese will feel anxiety about restarting with only ongoing stress tests.
First of all, ordinary people can't understand enough the details of the stress tests.
The stress tests are drills on papers, and emergency drills are real ones.
There are many primary mistakes in the Fukushima accident, for example, shortage of cable and different plug shapes.
Power companies should repeat real drills on various assumptions.
And first of all, a complete change of NUCLEAR VILLAGE bad chemistry is essencial.
Certainly, establish of NUCLEAR REGULATORY AGENCY in coming April is one advance.
But it means merely abolishing foolish organizations system that a regulatory agency and a progress agency are under same umbrella.
Causes of Fukushima accident are on successive responsible position persons in Government, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Agency for Natural Resources and Energy, Nuclear Safety Commission, Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency, Tokyo Electric Power Company.
Without accusing and making over 100 persons of them take responsibility on criminal and civil affairs, NUCLEAR VILLAGE chemistry will not change.
If anyone don't take responsibility because of ambiguous organizations system and the sophistry of "unexpected", recurrence accident will not be evitable.
In addition to above, there is a struggle among METI and TEPCO.
It is absurd.
Power supply should be done by conpetition system of private companies.
And emergency operations of Nuclear power plants is over abilities of power companies, therefore all nuclear plans of all power companies should be nationalized and should be done under Japan Self-Defense Forces command in some case as security systems.
Safety of Nuclear power generation should be secured by the rule of punish evildoing and battlefield tensions.
I hope realistic argues with a orthodox theory are done.