【ENTER THE BUDO KARATE 武道空手入門】~Ballerina meets Karateバレリーナが空手に出会った日~

FB用!武道空手入門_JK (2)

Is Karate a Sport, or is it Budo? Find the answer within this DVD. From beginners to advanced instructors, it's impossible for any karateka to withhold their excitement!
For these 70 minutes [with English subtitles], let's enter "Budo Karate"!

A ballerina discovered at the headquarters of the Japan Karate Association that the body control of Japanese Budo was far different from that of Western sports. The training began with Seiza and manners, and included stances, breathing, making fists, Tsuki, Keri, Kihon and finished with Kata. Shihan Tatsuya Naka’s detailed explanation is an enlightenment and surprise for anyone - from beginners to advanced instructors world-wide. The DVD includes 70-minutes content with English subtitles. Let’s open the door to Budo Karate with this DVD!

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