The end of the love

Am I stupid?

Am I odd?

Am I silly?

I always need somebody who can love me.
I hate such feeling but can't help accepting this fuct.

I'm lonely.

I have lots of friends, good family and great teachers, yet
they are different.

They like me and I like them either, but something is different, something can't be same as love.

A deep and uncertain forest is laid down in my mind and I know the forest always makes me feel sad, even when I must feel happy.

Once I have got a girlfriend, then next I'm afraid of loosing this love and wish to keep this happiness for good.

Never never never continued...

This is the reality and my forest calls me again into the darkness and makes me feel bitter and more sad.

Yet, a supid man I am. I again starts to seek a next girl to get something which I can't feel from friends and family. How difficult love is, yet I can't do without love.

So today I shall seek love, although I know it will give me sadness in the long run.

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Dublin the city of hospitality

The weather is really beautiful today.
As a fact, here Dublin, the weather is usually not very nice compared to Japan, yet I can say winter is usually good and better than summer.

When I tell my Japanese friends that I am in Ireland, quite often they think Ireland is so cold, because they mix up  Ireland with Iceland.

Hey, listen, Ireland even doesn't have snow in winter and there is no Santa Clause, that's Finland!

In fact, Dublin (the capital city of Ireland) is warmer than Tokyo.
Surely the weather is not so fantastic, but I bet you don't need to put many thick clothes into your baggage when you visit here.

As you already can see, I am in Dublin and study economics here in The University of Dublin, Trinity Collage.

Dublin is the capital city of Ireland and I love the city.
Of course, compared to Japanese cities, the scale is small, but there is wonderful hospitality by the people.

I love Irish people and their Irish accent.

Surely, Dublin doesn't have many trendy shops,skyscrapers, romantic spots, entertainments districts, delicious restaurants and Disney Land.

Yet, there is kindness. There is the people's hert. There are many smiles. So, once you visit here, you may know what happiness is in another way.
And I believe this natural hapiness is needed especially to Japanese people.

Therefore, I love Ireland as well as Japan and really want to recommend many Japanese people to visit this Emelard Island.

*Ireland is often called as the Emerald Isle from the rich nature and the beautiful land.  
Indeed, Japan is also called as the Land of the Rising Sun so-called 日出づる国(Hi-izuru-kuni) in Japanese. 

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the past and today

Today is the end of my winter holiday and the second term finally starts.

I don't like spending too much for holidays, because I always become so lazy and I'm not good at spending free time usufully.

Yeah, in that point I may be said as "a typical yutori".
To do something, I need to be ordered or asked by others. Yet, I don't think that can be only said for so-called "yutori generation".

At least, I know many much lazier people who are older than me.

People often beatutify the past and say bad for today. This trend can especially seen in such a conservative country, Japan.
Well, I don't say that idea is all wrong, the past could be better than today in some points such as closer relationship among family members.
Yet, those ideas bring us nothing beneficial into the future.

I believe what we have to think is that
what we should do then if we realise the past is better.

Anyway, I should recall what my teacher said to me before.
"Always keep in mind why you are there and then enjoy your youth."

To keep a balance between study and leisure is everything. Such a simple principle is but difficult.

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Dear all

Dear all,

Nice to meet you and thank you for reading my articles.
I'm a 20 year-old Japanese student doing economics.

The blog will be mainly written in English for my study and therefore, I'm afraid there could be lots of bad grammars. I'm sorry for taking your time for that.
Yet, I'd like to improve my English through the pracitice here.
So I'm glad your boosts.


Thank you for reading.


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