Hello guys,

I am Guna Surendra from Space system laboratory. 
(I hope u remember me, I used to work here at learning commons at the Library from 2014 to 2015)

I went to France as a exchange student from Kyutech for six months at ISAE University in Toulouse, so I could not work here for the past six months.

How are you all doing at Kyutech?
The new academic year has from started and new students have joined us. I was told that the number of foreign students increased from this academic year.

I really missed Kyutech and also The beautiful "Sakura" season.

During my stay in France, I studied Aeronautical Engineering. ISAE university was located in the Toulouse which is the headquarters for Airbus. I also visited the manufacturing plant during my stay. 

Kyutech and ISAE have collaborated and students from either of the school can studying at either of the places for six months.

Kyutech is also offering non-refundable JASSO scholarships (which are 80,000 yen) for selected students who will go to ISAE university. 

Only 3 students will be able to get this scholarship, so hurry.

If you want more information on student exchange activities, please contact me.
I will be in the library on every Thursday from 12:00 to 14:00.

P.S: I can also help you with TOEIC, TOEFL tests.

Please do pass by the learning supporter’s corner for more information.

Guna Surendra