When it manages investment using a foreign exchange rate, it is important that at first the beginner gets knowledge about exchange.

The foreign exchange utilizes a currency circulating abroad and, in what I realize timely, connects it with profit.

When 1 dollar is going to change the U.S. dollar into Japanese Yen at the time of 100 yen, it is 100,000 yen = 1,000 dollars.

If there is 1,000 dollars at hand and an exchange rate fluctuates and is 1 dollar = 110 yen, the value is 110,000 yen.

When a beginner does exchange dealings, I wait with Japanese Yen at hand as foreign currency for a while and buy back Japanese yen if Japanese yen becomes weaker than time when I bought foreign currency.

In the case of FX, even the small capital has charms that can attain big profit by utilizing leverage.

If I have a fund of 1 million yen and make a deal in leverage of 10 times, I can trade 10 million yen substantially.

The investment of the high return is possible, too.

Because a serious injury when loss was settled when I let leverage work too much too much is big, the beginner should hold off it.

The loss in weight of assets is dangerous to hard しくなりかねなので, a beginner when I do impossible use.

The exchange dealings that I used the high leverage for should not be popular until I am used to structure of the exchange and an expected method.

The beginner of the exchange is apt to be eager for profit, but it is important that anyone understands that there is not a profit with the thing to appear so easy.

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