In the 21st century, women entrepreneurs who are working moms are much challenged with the modern trends not only in motherhood, marriage, career but more so in mind health. Eating healthy nutritious foods and exercise are not enough to maintain excellent mind health that keep mompreneurs competitive in the contemporary market and able to manage their family and personal life at optimum level. Mind development is needed to keep mompreneurs in tune with the current challenges of the business world.

Mind development means changing how a person thinks and feels in order to keep up with the current needs and to become a better person able to focus more, face challenges with gracefulness, reach goals with honor and dignity and be happy and contented at the end of the day. For mompreneurs to do this, they have to learn how to be calm and optimistic despite the challenges of being a mom, a wife, and a business woman.

According to Dr. John Arden, an expert in the field of brain-based therapy and a director of training in mental health for Kaiser Permanente in Northern California, "You cannot change how you think and feel without changing your brain." He believes that how we train our self to think, feel, and behave on a regular basis will rewire the brain and allow us to be calm and focused. When we are calm and focused, we feel less tense, less anxious, and less easily stressed. If we want these in our life today, we must learn how to make our brain work in such way that it functions the way we want it. There are certain parts in the brain that sometimes overreact and add to unnecessary tension, anxiety, and stress.custom clothing labels We must learn how to tame these brain parts and in order for us to effectively do that, we should first learn how our brain actually works.

Recent research studies have overwhelming research findings that tell us synapses in the brain are not hardwired with predetermined limited abilities and functions but in fact are changing all the time as they respond to environmental stimuli. This only means that you can improve your life through mind development and the concept of neuroplasticity being practiced into your daily routine. Through mind development and neuroplasticity that makes memory possible, you can be a better mompreneur able to adapt to the current trends of this new era in information and technology. As Dr. John Arden puts it, Neuroplasticity illustrates the phrase "use it or lose it."

When you keep on using your mind through certain skills you practice in your career as mompreneur or even in your daily life as you train your mind to think positive thoughts and be as calm as possible, then you strengthen these skills. When you keep them dormant, you weaken the power of your mind just like when you don't use your muscles and bones,Phytonutrient they become weak and brittle respectively. The more you develop your mind for excellent mind health as mompreneur, the more you do it over and over again. Repetition of actions lead to habits and your habits shape your character.