When getting an acid peel you should schedule it for a time when you'll have a few days to keep away from the sun and to let the redness and peeling of the pores and skin resolve. It would not take long, just some days and you're back out an about with smoother, better looking skin.

All acid peels are not equal so ask questions and perform a little research. If you are dealing with severe pimples and scaring you will need a peel that is somewhat stronger then someone who has gentle to average acne and scaring. You do not wish to overdo it.

Some people may have 4 to 5 acid peels spaced just a few weeks apart to get the results they want. It's by no means sensible to have more than one or two peels done in a month's time. Your skin wants sufficient time to recuperate and heal after each treatment.

There are pros and cons to acid peels very much like with any other treatment. The professionals believe that there should be a reduction in the size of your pores and as a consequence, your pores and skin will become smoother. Discolorations as well as light to moderate pimples, scaring effects and wrinkles can be decreased or done away with completely with a suitable sort of peel and the right regime of skin care. Those with extreme zits and scaring may obtain greatly improved results. However follow-up peels may be required to achieve the end result that is desired.

The Cons are that it can be a painful procedure and there could also be redness and itching as well as peeling for a number of days. You'll have to avoid exposure to the sun and be very cautious about cleansing and moisturizing your skin. The remedies can get a bit costly for some of us, especially if it's recommended that a number of peels be done over a given period of time.

Over all I consider that acid peels is a great treatment option for those that might be suffering from pimples and scaring. In fact you need to have a dermatologist or aesthetician assist you to determine which type and power of peel is suited to your skin type. If you have very delicate pores and skin, you will not need to use a stronger and harsher product. In fact a lighter peel that is gentler would be advisable. Chances are you'll have to have more treatments than one or two so you have to make use of the kind of acid peel that provides you with the most effective results with the least problems.