October 07, 2005


I took a day off and went out for lunch with a friend from my old school. We met for the first time in three years. As she lives near the university at which I graduated, we had lunch at one of the restaurants there. I was surprised to find how inexpensive the prices were.

I talked about a guy who I met three months ago. We have been seeing each other since then. I've been getting to like him, but there's a big drawback. He divorced two year ago and he said he was not going to marry anyone and have any girlfriends. I hope he'll change his mind some day.

He is an enthusiastic fan of the Tigers and the Tigers got the Central League title yesterday! He went to Koshien Stadium to watch the game. I guess he cried at the moment Mr. Kamemoto caught the fly ball and the game was over. I almost wept watching the game on TV.

They are holding a bargain sale from today at most of the department stores around here to celebrate the Tigers' victory. I'm going to get some commemorative products.

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July 25, 2005

a personal computer

My father had lived alone for about a year because of his work but he returned home last month. While he was there he bought a personal computer and now it has become mine because he didn’t need it any more. I think he merely wanted to buy it and actually didn’t use it so much.

It is the latest model. I can watch TV on it. It is easy to record, watch, search and delete TV programs on the computer. When I recorded with VCR, I often deleted what I didn’t want to. It was troublesome to look for what I wanted to watch. Now I can handle recorded programs like other files on the computer. If I want to watch a certain program, I just double-click it.
There’s an inconvenience, though. While recording one program, I can’t watch another one but the convenience surpasses the inconvenience.

What I do with my computer other than watching TV is to input English words and idioms I learn. I have written them down on my notebooks so far. Words and their meanings on left pages and examples on right pages. The number of words and idioms in my pc file is much less than that of on my notebooks now but keep studying will make them reverse.
I hope I can understand all of the English words without a dictionary!

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July 04, 2005


I went to Tokyo last week. It was the first time since last August. My boss and I visited the Tokyo branch of our company and we demonstrated how to use the new software with which we could download data from our host computer. The instruction manuals got short because many people gathered than we thought.
I could finally meet a guy whom I have emailed many times but never met before. It was fun to meet people who were in other offices.
I met a friend of my schooldays the next day and had lunch at a Vietnamese French restaurant. The interior decor was fabulous! They had dark brown wooden floor and white painted walls and silver-framed mirrors on them. And white flowers in big glass vases on dark brown shelves. They were decorated delicately. I wish I could live in a house like that! The ambience was great but I could not enjoy the dishes because they contained many fresh corianders. I don't think I like them because they taste weird. It took me a long time to finish as I was trying to get rid of them.
After lunch, we went shopping. They held a bargain sale at most of the stores. I looked for skirts but I could not find nice one. I bought two frilly tops.
I enjoyed three-day stay in Tokyo very much.

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June 25, 2005

flower arrangement

I take Japanese flower arrangement lessons, or “IKEBANA” as we call it, twice a month and I took one today.
We have two teachers and one of them is a man. I think he has no interest in women. The way he talks is a bid weird but he is so funny. I like him. He is longing to become famous like Mr. Kariyazaki, who is also a teacher of IKEBANA and appears on television so often. He has made a performance on a local TV program several times but unfortunately they were not televised nationwide. A local TV program is going to be broadcasted tomorrow evening, which covered our class. But they said it would be aired only 3 minutes.

There are many schools on IKEBANA. The one I’m taking is OHARA. The head of OHARA is still a high school student. He succeeded his father when he was 13 or so because his father died young. He is the fifth head of OHARA. The first one created it in early 1900’s. Doing flowers is so hard to master. What if I were born to the house like that? It’s so intimidating.

We usually put flowers on a needle-point flower holder placed in a flat vase, but today they taught us how to arrange flowers in a tall vase, which we call “NAGEIRE”. It is said to be much more difficult and need 10 years to master. Though I have been taking this class for 3 years, I have experienced NAGEIRE only several times. It took me longer hours to finish and I got exhausted.
After they corrected my work, it looked different. A slight difference of length of branches and flowers makes a big difference. It is a long way to go.

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June 22, 2005

tap dance lesson

I took tap dance lesson today.
Though the teacher is same age as me, he looks much younger. I think people who don't work for a company are likely to look younger.
He is planning to have a party in August in a jazz bar gathering people who take his lessons. About 100 people in all.
He asked my friends and me to make fliers of the party. We are going to finish them on next Monday.

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first post!

I'm writing about my everyday life, mainly about what I learn from studying English.

I woke up at 6:30 am this morning, the time when a radio English conversation program begins.
I like that program.
I usually listen to 5 programs of this kind.

As I'm not used to writing in English and I don't know much about blog settings, it took me almost one hour to place this blog and write this article.

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