Uefa makes champions league draw

Uefa makes champions Ralph Lauren Sale UK league draw

Uefa made the draw for the 2011 12 champs league group stages thursday.Last year's winners the capital will kick off their defense of the title against ac milan, although the runners up man united will face benfica, fc basel moreover otelul galati.

Ap champions league winner barcelona will start its title defense against ac milan, bate borisov of belarus and czech newcomer viktoria plzen after uefa carried out the group stage draw thursday.

Four time winner barcelona stellar fixtures with the seven time champion a rematch of the 1994 final which milan won 4 0 might also send forward zlatan ibrahimovic back to the nou camp, where he was harshly judged to be a really expensive failure two seasons ago.

Man utd, last season jogger up, is top seeded consisting of benfica, swiss fc basel and romanian newcomer otelul galati.Man united beat benfica with won its first title in 1968.

Bayern munich, whose stadium will stage the ultimate next may, got a tricky group with villarreal, big spenders birmingham city and Ralph Lauren UK Sale napoli.

Real the town, the Ralph Lauren City Polo nine time eu champion, deals with lyon, four time safe bet ajax and dinamo zagreb.

Inter milan, the 2010 victor, is top seeded in http://www.thewishingchair.co.uk/ a gaggle with cska moscow, lille moreover trabzonspor.The turkish club already lost to benfica in the qualifying rounds but was reprieved by uefa less than 24 hours before the draw when turkey federation barred title winning fenerbahce while it is researched in a match fixing scandal.

Arsenal was rewarded for a tense passage from playoff round with a group including marseille, olympiakos of greece and bundesliga champ borussia dortmund, no.4 seed all teams planned to avoid.

Chelsea will face valencia having just bought the real"Real spanish"Club star forward juan mata.Group e is finished by bayer leverkusen and belgian champion genk.

Two time winner fc porto take care ofs long trips to manage group g rivals shakhtar donetsk of ukraine and russia zenit st.Petersburg.Apoel of cyprus tidies up the group.

Each team plays six matches in a program appointed from sept.13 over Dec.7.

The top two teams in each group advance to the knockout rounds starting on in february, and the eight third placed teams join the europa league match in its knockout phase.

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Grant Pandora Clips morrison forever

Last week, marvel announced new mutants forever, which joins x-Men forever and louise simonson x-Factor forever to form a trifecta of retconned mutant continuity.Picking up after the events of new mutants #54, forever offers longtime x-Scribe chris claremont a chance to explore what might have been had he remained on the book.It a way to extend the olive branch to crusty old fogies who haven read the books since the eighties(A time we like to refer to as they were good as well as yet another milking of the cash cow that is the x-Men.It seems that there are a million titles in the x-Universe and pretty soon we have a million more that are outside regular continuity.

And it got us thinking why stop now?Of course it cool to see where claremont would taken the series and it works with simonson as well.Today comicscape explores another forever we wouldn mind seeing.

Back in the day, marvel made a name for themselves by tackling topical issues and putting a little realism into their comics.Nowhere was it more prevalent than in the x-Men, where mutants became an analogy for any and every minority struggling to survive in a world that hated and feared them.Subject to religious persecution and distrust from the government, mutants were the freaks we could all identify with and magneto and professor x acted as the malcom x and martin luther king jr of the superhero world.It was great stuff, but after having it crammed down our throats for 30 or 40 years, it got a little old.Like we were having the same conversation seven times a day, seven days a week.

Then along came grant morrison.Turns out the battle between mutants and humans was long since over and we lost.The next stage Of evolution was upon us and it was time to make way for homo superior.PrOfessor x vision Of human/mutant co-Existance appeared to be the victor(Though radical mutant dissenters existed within the halls Of his own school)And ol chuck even came out Of the mutant closet, announcing to the world that he was a mutant.The x-Men dropped the costumes in favor Of sexy new uniforms andThe x became less Of a target and more Of a brand name.We found out that wolverine wasn weapon x, he was weapon ten and that captain america was weapon i and we were introduced to a mutant-Specific drug that enhanced your power levels.We were treated to little bits about the collective unconscious, the nature Of space and time and saw superpowers being utilized in brand new ways.Scott summers was having an out-Of-Body affair with emma frost and we saw less pretty-Boy mutants like scott or warren worthington and more characters like beak, who actually couldn walk down the street without scorn.

Seriously, having to wear sunglasses all the time isn all that bad.Being insanely handsome and having giant wings that you can easily strap to your back when you want to hide them isn a terrible detriment and having to live your life as a ridiculously beautiful black woman with white hair and blue eyes yeah, that doesn sound like someone who would be hated and feared.Stared at, maybe.And in some parts of the country, yes we concede that she would be hated but not because of her white hair.But with morrison run, we saw more of it and we saw more outlandish and freakish characters who couldn just put on a coat and hat to disguise their deformity and beyond that, they didn want to.Much of the credit here belongs to the artists who worked on the title as well as the changing times.In this respect, morrison just took familiar x-Men tropes and turned up to eleven.In fact, that pretty much what he did with everything about the x-Books:He just turned it all up to eleven and advanced it along it natural path.The path a book like that would have taken were it not mired in the mainstream marvel u.

Grant morrison gave us a bunch of grotesque characters, brilliant new concepts and actually evolved the x-Men for the first time in years.He made them cool again.He made them matter and it made it okay to read the x-Men in public and not be embarrased.And the minute he was off the book, marvel did everything in their power to erase everything he created, relaunching the x-Titles with new looks and new directions, putting the costumes back on and not too long after, de-Powering most of http://www.cakeofsoap.com.au/pandora-bracelets-sale.html the mutant population to once again make them a tiny minority, hated and feared by the rest of the world.In short, they took a brilliant new concept and shot it in the head, setting mutant creativity back 30 years.

The whys and Cheap Pandora Australia wherefores

Maybe (more Pandora Bracelets Australia here) it was because morrison took things too far and shook the status quo up too much.As we all know, you can only rattle the apple cart so much before everything has to be set right again.Morrison made the x-Men interesting for the first time in years, but that once-Exciting, now-Boring foundation that the franchise had been built upon has sold an awful lot of t-Shirts, action figures and pajamas.We here to put forth the notion that if anybody deserves a forever title, it grant morrison.Sure, we always been dying to know what claremont would done with the x-Men if he hadn been treated like dirt by editorial and driven to quit.Louise simonson left a lot of dangling plot threads on x-Factor and the notion of returning to those ideas to see what might been is thrilling.But grant morrison basically reinvented the x-Franchise from the ground up and took the concept into a new millenium.He gave us an x-Men that we could rally behind and evolved what the characters could be into what they should be.It wasn just a good x-Book or a good superhero book;It was a damn good comic book, period.Grant morrison took the x-Men to new heights during his run on the title and we love to know just how far he might taken them if he stayed on the title for a few years more.If any creator work is deserving of a forever title, it grant morrison x-Men.

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