March 04, 2010


Been wanting to say this for very long...

I'll be stopping my livedoor blog...
I won't be deleting all the post I've made up till now cuz it's all my precious memories!~

Maybe one day when I'm free again...
I'll return back here, but it won't be so soon...?
Years later or something? (>___<)

Thanks for reading up till now =)

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February 23, 2010


Studied from 9am++ till 5pm
Stopping a bit throughout the way though.
Studied so much just so I could go to the match without regrets.

But didn't manage to see what I wanted...
Lost on penalty kicks...

In the first place, things would have been so much better if they had team work...
Passing a ball with too much strength, passing a ball to where a person isn't standing at.

Compared to last season... this year's team isn't that strong I think...
Yes I'm so disappointed...
And their sad/serious faces leaving the stadium...
And Akiya's crying face because he couldn't get the last goal in...

It's ok.
With so many new players...I'm sure they are having difficulty trying to gel themselves up together.

It'll be another month before I go watch their match again haha.
Hope there'll be improvement by then...
For now, time to study!!!!

Yups! this time went with sy, wl couldn't go cuz she has test coming up!!!
Enjoyed myself hahahaha! We entertained ourselves laughing at something strange...? we saw. hahahaha
alb (3)

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February 18, 2010

Japanese Bento

1am now...
was browsing through some blogs and suddenly having cravings for bento!!! OMG!

by the way...
I've gained 2kg within 3 days... HAHAHAHAHA
on the 3rd day, I was in ultimate shock because I had a bit of a hard time squeezing myself into my pair of jeans!!!!

Started running to diet again...
but no idea how long it will last...

1st March - Econs
2nd March - Principles of accounting
11th March - ISORG
12th March - MM
13th March - Marketing

I can only say...(*´ -`)(´- `*)

I'm in dead shit!!!

Looking Forward to 18th March...

I just realized these few days that... there are different degrees/extends/levels to being thick-skinned.

It's really shocking how far one can go for money.
I do think that if you can't afford something financially... you shouldn't go ahead trying to get that thing you want, and in return cause troubles for others.続きを読む

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February 14, 2010

Chinese New Year Eve 2010

Went Jumbo for dinner
Overall, food was not bad... and service was super excellent!!!ノ( ̄0 ̄;)\オー!!

"Lao Yu Sheng" where we mix differnt things like slice salmon and peanuts, honey etc for different meaning...

Halfway through...
they gave me a cover, and covered my chair and bag together... (@___@)??? maybe so that no one would try stealing from my bag? hahahaha! Super impressed.... ヾ(=^▽^=)ノ
Yahhh!!! Call me suah gu or wad hahahhaa~

There's a lot of dishes but all finished up quickly!
Crab finally came... and suddenly the waitress came over with a Jumbo apron and helped us to tie up so as to prevent the crab juice from spilling onto our clothes!
Cuz my hair is pretty long now... she still help me to set my hair properly after tying the apron around me... hahaha touched!

I look super stupid here... (^_^;)

And the apron's logo:

Then after dinner, we went Chinatown to buy Bak Kwah...
Bro wanted to look for his Taiwan jelly... but it was really so crowded... Had difficulty breathing!!! hahahaha~
Maybe a bit too exaggerated... but I definitely felt like I could almost fall down!!!

We were trying to cross at a 4 way junction... so everyone was coming from different direction and I was suddenly pushed from the back... this other auntie came from another direction and pushed me.... Felt something scalding hot on my legs... it's her chestnut that she just bought.... (>______________<) ultra pain (T_T) it felt just like being scalded by fire.
and obviously I glared at her... =X i mean... she could have placed it into her bag or something lah... but then again, maybe she didn't have enough time...

In the end, we got lost and didnt manage to buy the jelly.
Got to see the fireworks instead!~


Ending here~(^_^)

Happy new year... and Happy Valentine's Day!!!!
May this year be even better~

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February 13, 2010


Friend's cousin bought this from... think some Europe countries and she passed some to me!
It's Kinder brand and in a Hippo shape~~~
So cute!!!! (@_@)

And my dinner on Wednesday from work place!
Best I've eaten so far... hahaha~

Busy with last min new year stuffs~~
shall blog again ^_^;

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February 08, 2010


trying hard to finish my marketing assignment now...
and shall make more attempt to blog from now on... haha

Schedule for this week:
8.30-11.30am -> ISORG lecture (a make up class for wednesday)
12-3pm -> Marketing lecture
4-5pm -> Shopping for new year stuffs with mom
5-6pm -> Finish Japanese homework
7.20-9.30pm -> Jap lesson at Bugis
10.30pm -> Home + study

12-3pm -> MM lecture
3-4pm -> Camp in school for awhile
5.30-10pm++ -> Work
12am -> Study for Econs test

8.30-11.30am -> Econs lesson
heading IMM for last minute new year stock up + shopping

8.30-11.30am -> POA lesson
Study + spring cleaning

Saturday: (New year eve)
Last min spring cleaning
Dinner outside with family
Chinatown walk after midnight

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February 06, 2010

1st match for this year =)

Result was 1-0, Albirex lost vs Home United.

Was really an exciting towards the end... (^_^)
Experienced a lot of things with bea here, and thanks to psp, got to know a lot of soccer stuffs hahahaa~!

Really glad that ling, sy, bea and psp are here today! (including sy's friend!) ahahaha~

tons of pics are in my facebook... don't want to reveal too much here so pop over if you are interested!!! (^-^*)
ling n me

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February 04, 2010


meeting bea and ling and maybe sy tomorrow!
so excited! all 4 of us belong to the bitchy category... what will happen if we come together? HAHAAHAHAHHA

this will be my last match for this month i think...

I promise i'll study hard after tomorrow =)


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February 01, 2010


recently, I have no idea why but pimple's (only one very obvious one lol) starting to pop out on my cheek!!! it didn't happen in the past!
And my hair's getting fewer and fewer... (T____T) desperately looking for those hair grow spray etc but can't find in those normal marts like Watson, NTUC etc...
Shall try other stores either tomorrow or Tuesday. Either days, I'm definitely going on shopping spree again hahaha! I've still got so much yet to buy!!!! And I have so much school work to do. Exam's in one months time. tons of things to do, yet so little time.

And the reason's because... I'm practically working on all Fri, Sat, Sun.
Fri after morning lessons, I'll go home to nap for 1 hour, and then work from 5.30-10.30pm

Sat work from 8-6pm. Work up at 6am to prepare... Really didn't get enough sleep...

And today Sunday, worked from 8am-8pm!!!!! (<______<) Shagged from work...

I guess maybe that explains the reason for hair fall and pimples? hahaa!

Sister is coming back from Bangkok tomorrow!
I wonder what she bought for me!!!!!! I still remembered she got me this funny looking bag from Hong Kong years ago... the design's "house of terror" movie (i think....) and now, it's still at one corner collecting dusk...

me: Why did you get that bag for me?! omg!!!!
Sis: It's very cute what!!! Suits you (^_^) <--- she smiled really innocently at me!
me: .......... how am i suppose to bring that out?!?!
sis: ...... Ahhhh..... <--- it finally clicks haha

Ending with this really cute doggie pic who always smile when its owner is near it! =)


Have a nice day!!! =)

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January 27, 2010


laptop... seems to be giving off a weird smell!!!
is it burnt?!!? ノ( ̄0 ̄;)\オー!!ノー!!!!

smells like.... the burning of plastic? I don't know!!!

hahaha yeah try spotting me:

Thursday!!!!! To or not to.... (>_____________<)
it's a decision to be stalker or regretter... LOL

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