I want to, I was so beloved that goes in the in the mind of man, when there is no wind no rain only faint light flashed across my world. Perhaps Enterprise Server Hosting , when a oft has not started already destined fate to encounter, inadvertently in the heart, and deduce the life without regret walked and walked. I can not speak, can hold silent time, can write thoughts in a pile and a pile of a proverb, but is will can not forget you, can not miss you.
When night habitually comes,  as a fine network will always surrounded by me, not to eat with me. Waiting for you, perhaps you find limited , have long been familiar with the attitude, stare out the window of a dark, because of the existence of your warm and bright inside. Bath the mystery of the night, sitting in silence mind wandering, holding up a pen to write down when I think of you in a hurry, beautiful time on the way, teachers stop-and-go, stay in the moment and instantly under the engraved on the memory.
A little way, only need a meeting; A period of time, only need to love a person. Noisy FenYang, or quiet clear pale, no matter who accompany me to go, no matter who will accompany me to walk to the end the beauty , I was just at the right time, met, didn't miss it a wind flowers, I always a bunch of snow, assign the encounter to stay sweet beautiful. Numerous lights up at night, the city people, time crept quietly.
Each person's heart is a city, a town that has you best scenery. You have been to my city. Your city, I can't walk into. With a full of expectations of a wisp of the approach and walk away, wipe gently into a look of sorrow, and regret. Diaspora in the clear wind, the rain trickling rain.